Women Have a Better Memory

Experts from Norway conducted a study on memory among men and women. It turned out that men are really bad at remembering information.


The study involved 50,000 residents in one of the central districts of Norway. Of these, 222 turned out to have various stages of age-related dementia.

The subjects were asked questions concerning their memory, for example, if there is a problem with remembering dates, names, faces, and the chronology of events. Almost all of these points showed that men have a worse memory than women do.

When answering 8 questions of 9, men reported memory problems more often than women. However, the most difficult thing for both men and women turned out memorizing names and dates. So, 86.5% women and 89.7% men had a bad memory for names; 64.7% women and 74.9% men – for dates.

Professor Jostein Holmen from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (Trondheim) said they were surprised that men were more forgetful than women. A similar phenomenon had not been documented. They were also surprised that forgetfulness was about the same in men at the age of 30 and 60.

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