Wide-Faced Men More Successful

Wide-faced men are more prosperous in life, as the researchers have found out. And fertile women are drawn to such men, because they subconsciously consider them more attractive.


Scientists from the University of Management in Singapore found that men with wide faces are more often more rich, powerful, and aggressive than their narrow-faced peers. Wide-faced men also appear to be more athletic and strong. They often dominate in different areas of life and have the power that attracts females. It is noteworthy that fertile women are subconsciously attracted to such men, but do not want to marry them.

Obviously, women understand that a man’s wide face is a sign of not only wealth and strength, but also of aggression and violence. Therefore, such representatives of the stronger sex seem only suitable for short-term relationships. These findings are the result of hundreds of people taking part in the so-called speed dating. During these meetings, men and women quickly got acquainted with a variety of potential partners talking to each no more than for 10 minutes, to make a choice based on the impressions obtained.

Science has long found out that wide-faced men seem attractive to women due to evolution: they are supposed to give birth to a strong and healthy offspring. Scientists from Singapore have confirmed this theory, but made ​​their corrections. Still, aggression and a tendency towards violence are powerful arguments for women not to create a family with such partners. For this purpose, women choose narrow-faced men – less powerful and wealthy, but kinder and more understanding.