What Makes Men and Women Sexy?

Hardly will we stroll outside without our favorite handset, but they provide little help when we want to catch the eye of the opposite sex. There are better ideas – as revealed by a survey carried out by Retrevo. Dogs, it says, fare much better! According to the blog on the site, women up to 35 admit to being attracted to a man walking a dog more than to a bloke flashing a cool smartphone.

Couple kissing

Altogether, owners of cool phones attract men more than women – 36% of women polled admitted to being susceptible to the charms of a cool phone to men’s 50%. A smashing laptop, again, is men’s preference with 46% of men confessing to paying their attention to them, while 38% of women make laptops a shade more popular for the image. iPads are an attraction for 36% of males and 29% of females.

What women seem to prefer is Bluetooth headsets that show 33% of ladies to men’s 31%. Phone holsters fell flat, for no one said they add to your fascination.

Book reading, mark, make you look more attractive to 42% of men and 30% of women.

Source of the image: Photl.