Unhappy People Watch TV

According to a review of the journal Science, British psychologists have found that happy people read more, and the unhappy prefer to watch TV.

Unhappy person

The researchers analyzed the data of opinion polls conducted over the past thirty years, which involved more than 30000 people. Participants were asked about how they spend their free time and were also required to rate their mood and mental state.

According to information received, happy people were the most socially active: they communicated more, went to church, voted and … read. Unhappy people spent almost all their free time watching TV. After comparing marital status, income and age, it was found that those who considered themselves unhappy watched TV by 28% more than their happy compatriots.

Besides, the authors discovered that 51% of unhappy people have a lot of free time that they do not know how to spend. However, for the happy ones, the issue of free time was different – only 19% of happy respondents have “free” time.

Source of the image: Photl.

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