Top 10 American Shopaholic Cities

The site Bundle has published the rating of the U.S. cities, where, according to the research, people spend the biggest sums of money buying clothes, shoes, and other pleasant things. The first cities, which come to the mind, are Los Angeles and New York. But it is not the case in real life! Neither of the two has been included even in the top ten!

American Shopaholic cities

100 cities with the biggest population were selected for the study. During a year, from March 2010 to March 2011, the inhabitants of these cities were watched in terms of how they spent their money. The main sources of information included the government, the banks and other organizations that preferred to remain anonymous. Then, the cities were ranked according to the highest monthly spending.

The average sum of money, that an American citizen spends on clothes, is $142.08 a month. However, these numbers were somewhat higher in the cities included into the top ten ranking. So where is home to the main shopaholics in the United States?

  1. Washington, DC – $263
  2. Arlington County, Virginia – $254.58
  3. Nashville, Davidson County, Tennessee – $251.17
  4. Scottsdale, Maricopa County, Arizona – $243.17
  5. Dallas, Dallas County, Texas – $228.58
  6. San Francisco, San Francisco County, California – $227.42
  7. San Jose, Santa Clara County, California – $221.17
  8. Seattle, Washington – $221.17
  9. Austin, Texas – $213
  10. Bakersfield, Kern County, California –$201.50

One couldn’t even dare to think that the ranking would include the cities not having a reputation for being stylish.