From Now on, Text and Drive in Florida at Your Own Risk!

When driving in Florida, you now need to be more careful than you have ever been on the road. That’s not to say that there was a time that you were supposed to be careless on the road. The difference is, that now, the state has made it an offense to text while driving.

Thus, if you text while you drive in Florida, you can find yourself facing severe consequences. That’s why you need to understand the laws in Florida State so that you can protect both yourself, other motorists, and pedestrians on the road.

What Does the Law Say?

The law bans the use of wireless communication devices while driving. It defines these devices as any that is held by a hand, and that can be used for texting or connecting to the internet to enhance other communication. Therefore, you cannot use a mobile phone, tablet, laptop or any other tool that can help you in sending wireless communication.

The law bans texting, sending emails or even instant messages. It states clearly that you cannot send letters, symbols or numbers using the devices. You may ask, what is the ultimate benefit of this? It is very simple. You will focus on the road, hence improving overall safety. You will be helping other people on the road when you follow the law.

However, Florida is clear to exclude various instances such as when receiving messages that aim at declaring an emergency on the road, when using the device to react to emergency situations, and when the device you are using is primarily meant for navigation.

The Consequences of Disobeying this Law

According to Orlando attorney Walter Benenati, it’s important that you understand and accept the consequences of breaking this law. When you break the law for the first time, you will pay a thirty dollars fine. Remember, this is not the only cost you will bear. There are others such as those of finding a lawyer and other fees that the court may order you to pay.

The second violation will warrant a fine of sixty dollars. And again, this excludes all other costs that you may sustain as you deal with the issue. Both violations involve non-moving charges with the second one having three points while the first has none.

Other consequences include:

  • Wasted time

You will waste a lot of time responding to the charges, going to court to resolve the issue, and finding and explaining to a lawyer about your issue.

  • You may lose confidence in driving

Once you are charged, you may lose self-esteem. A simple mistake that results in a lot of trouble may deter you from even driving. No matter how much this may keep you out of trouble, it may inconvenience your daily routine.

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