Swine Flu Resistant Suit Developed in Japan

A Japanese men’s clothing company has started selling a special suits designed to protect the wearer from getting infected with swine flu.

Swine Flu Suit

The woolen business suit is coated with the chemical titanium dioxide which breaks down the virus when getting into contact with sunlight, according to a spokesman for Haruyana Trading Co. This magic chemical also reduces the ability of fabric to absorb different smells such as cigarette smoke. The suit’s developers promise their product will retain its antiviral properties even after being dry-cleaned more than 20 times.

The suit was presented to the public in Tokyo last week. On Sunday, the suit appeared in 272 department stores across the country. It sounds expensive, but everything can be done to ward off swine flue able to unsettle a business person or bring about even more serious implications. The magic suit costs about 52,290 yen, or $500. Initially, the company’s R&D worked on the suit resistant to smells and dirt but lab experiments showed the virus being killed three hours after landing on the fabric, according to spokesman Junko Hirohata.

Source of the image: stylelist.com.

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