Storing Nude Pictures of Ex-Lovers Outlaw

German authorities in Koblenz have introduced penalties for refusing to delete nude pictures on demand of former sex partners. This decision was triggered by the court proceedings between two locals, who used to have a relationship.


The case of the woman, who appealed to the court to make her former boyfriend remove all her erotic photos and videos from the computer, ended with a bullet point. The judge took the side of the victim and ordered the defendant to erase all the sex scenes with her participation from digital media.

Henceforth, all former lovers from the Koblenz city must eliminate each other’s incriminating materials immediately after separation. Otherwise, they will be punished by law.

A similar process took place in California. The decision was taken on October 1 last year, despite the protests of human rights activists, who believed that the law violated the freedom of speech.

Revenge-porn via the Internet has become very common in recent years, especially in social networks. The author of the law, Senator Anthony Canella, says abandoned partners thus amuse their self-esteem, not thinking about how the other person feels when presented nude for the whole world to see. Because of the incriminating video and photographs, many American teenagers fall into depression and even commit suicide.

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