Saudi Groom Divorces His Bride after Seeing Her Face for the First Time


A sad story took place in the city of Medina in Saudi Arabia. A bridegroom refused to get married with his fiancé right at the wedding ceremony. The man announced the divorce as soon as he saw the face of the bride.


A man from Saudi Arabia announced his desire to divorce right during the wedding ceremony. He did this immediately after seeing the face of his bride for the first time.

A marriage according to a previous agreement is a common practice in the Middle East. Young people may not see each other until the wedding. This is what happened this time. The bridegroom saw the girl in the midst of celebration, when the photographer asked her to open the face for taking wedding pictures.

According to the local press, the bridegroom said she was not the girl he had wanted to marry. The man expected her to be different. He added he was sorry, but wanted to divorce.

The bride barely survived such a shame. She suffered a nervous breakdown. The girl burst into tears and attracted the attention of the guests. Everyone rushed to her and began to find out why the happy evening turned into a tragedy for her.

Having discovered the reason, the guests began to condemn the groom. The users of the Internet did not appreciate this action either. To put it mildly, the public called the man’s behavior tactless. Many said that one had to pay attention to the inner world of a person first, and not to appearance.

Despite everyone’s opinion, the groom did not change his decision. He justified himself saying he did not have the opportunity to see his bride before the wedding. Without hesitation, the man said “Talaq” 3 times, and for Muslims this is usually enough to cancel the marriage.