Number of Adult-Kids Is Growing

The Office for National Statistics reports more and more men remain at their family home. According to scientists, 25 percent of men aged from 25 to 29 and 10 percent of men aged from 30 to 34 are still living with their parents.

Mother and Son

The scientists point out that both figures increased almost by 10 percent over the past 10 years. On-line report says some men leave their parental nest but return as they lose their job or become cash-strapped. Others stay as they graduate because they haven’t built a career yet but have to repay their education loans. Another portion of men get married late or return home divorced. On the other hand, there are fewer women who live with their parents. One in eight women aged from 25 to 29 and one in twenty aged from 30 to 34 still live with their parents.

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