Liposuction Can Be Great Source for Stem Cells

Researchers at the Stanford University claim that fat removed during liposuction surgery can be used as a valuable source of stem cells. Fat cells are ready to be reprogrammed into stem cells right away without preliminary growing in the lab for several weeks. Skin cells that are often used to produce stem cells must be grown from three to four weeks before they can be reprogrammed.


Researchers have developed a method for converting different types of cells into pluripotent stem cells that, in their turn, can be reprogrammed into the cells of various tissues. Experts believe that cells called lypocytes that are found in fat are easier to be transformed than other cells. The study was published as a report in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

According to the author of study, Dr. Joseph Wu, not only can researchers start with a lot of cells, they can reprogram them more efficiently. Before fibroblasts (skin cells) can be reprogrammed, it takes three weeks to grow them. And fat cells can be used right away. Scientists harnessed lypocytes earlier to reverse multiple sclerosis.

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