Liposuction Is the Source of Stem Cells

Adult patients may derive double benefit from liposuction. They get rid of unwanted fat and provide themselves with stem cells. Stem cell fat turns out to have more cells than other body tissues.


The use of stem cells for the treatment of various diseases is a relatively unknown, but extremely promising issue. Nowadays, the vast majority of scientists no longer doubt that stem cells will become a separate field in medicine in the nearest future. Many patients try to have a repository of such cells. For instance, parents preserve the umbilical cord blood of their babies in case they ever need stem cells. For adults, there are other options: extraction of stem cells from fat during the liposuction procedure. An ever increasing number of patients are undergoing this procedure, not only to get rid of excess fat, but to preserve the cells that may save their life one day.

Moreover, the scientists from the University of California have recently found out that fat contains embryonic stem cells that are the most versatile cells of all. They have the potential to develop into any tissue of the body. Theoretically, one can use them to grow kidneys, liver, pancreas, and other organs.

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