Intelligence Prolongs Life

The mortality of intelligent people is several times lower than that of poorly educated people. Why?

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British gerontologists have conducted a series of surveys to discover that the mortality of intellectuals is a few times smaller than that of low-educated people, as the magazine The Psychological Science informs.

This conclusion has been made after the 20-year study of two thousand volunteers of both sexes, which shows that people with high IQ are four times more likely to reach the old age.

It is interesting that the experts explain this phenomenon by the increased stress resistance of smart people. According to the experts, due to their psychological resistance, intelligent people can react to the vicissitudes of life with less anxiety and negative emotions: facing the trouble, they do not fall into the state of uncontrollable panic, they analyze the problem and look for the way to cope with difficulties.

The Psychological Science journal shows that, according to the results of the research, only 63% of the people with IQ 85 have a good chance to reach the senile age. At the same time, elderly people whose IQ is equal to 115 are centenarians in 90% of cases.

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