How to Calm a Man Down

This is a scientifically proved fact: looking at cooked red meat will make your man feel relaxed and tranquil.

Cooked red meat

Actually, this is not quite what Canadian scientists had expected to get… Researchers from McGill University, when they embarked upon a survey of 82 men, had acted on a presumption that at the sight of meat the historical hunting past of men will take over and whip up competitive aggression.

Lead researcher Frank Kachanoff commented that he was interested in the reactions roused in people by different stimuli in the modern environment that are supposed to stir up “an innate predisposition” – like feeling aggression well up when looking at a gun.

Strangely enough, the results proved the exact opposite: standard assessing techniques showed that the level of aggression dropped down considerably when men found themselves around cooked meat.

Trying to explain away the unexpected calming effect, Kachanoff reasoned that the image of meat can primarily associate not with the situation of hunting, but with that of a meal-time in a family circle, where pristine men felt out of danger and ready to enjoy their plateful.

Source of the image: Photl.

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