Girl Auctions Her Own Virginity Online

Yantra Escorts, a Dutch escort agency, and its client, a girl known as Noëlle, are making a good deal (which may be even better in the nearest future) selling the girl’s virginity at an online auction.

Noëlle Auctions Her Virginity

According to the information on Yantra Escorts’ website, Noëlle is a 20-year-old student who is described as “a sweet and innocent girl” with long chestnut hair and almond-shaped light brown eyes. Her height is 172 cm and her size is 36.

The Dutch beauty first thought of giving away her virginity via the Internet a year ago when she came by the story of an American virgin, Natalie Dylan, who scooped up € 2.8 million in exchange for her chastity. All this time Noëlle has been turning the idea over and over until she made up her mind.

The student will conceal her identity, for her parents mustn’t get an inkling of it. The man who will win the girl’s favors will also remain in the dark who she really is.

So far Noëlle’s virginity has been priced at € 50,000. The auction has been on since Wednesday and the sum may be climbing even now. The man who will put in the highest bid will enjoy Noëlle’s company for 24 hours.

When the stipulated time has expired, the student will collect her money, 5% of which has already been promised to War Child.

Source of the image: Dutchdailynews.

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