Breast Implants as a Gift?

A 20-year-old woman from Germany underwent a breast enlargement surgery last year – an acquisition which partly belongs to her former boyfriend, as it turns out, and now he wants his share back!

Man, woman, quarrel

As German Bild newspaper reports, the woman, known by the name of Anastasia, paid to have breast implants in 2009 with a financial assistance from her boyfriend to the sum of 4,379 euros ($5,865). The man named Carsten agreed to cough up the loan on the condition that they remain together for a year, and when the year has expired she wouldn’t owe him a cent.

So, when the couple broke up before the stipulated date, the trouble started… Carsten clamored for a refund, threatening to bring thе police and repossessors in.

The situation improved some last week after the woman reimbursed him 3,000 euros – will it be enough to shelve the talk of re-possession for a while?

Source of the image: Photl.