Fat Bank to Store Fat for Future Use in Surgery

“Liquid Gold” – that is how the American plastic surgeon Dr. Jeffrey Hartog from Seminole calls fat. He soon plans to open a fat bank, where the patients can bring their fat tissue for storage.

Dr. Jeffrey Hartog opens fat bank

The fat, which is removed during the liposuction, could be used in plastic surgery, where it might be useful as a filler. The doctor has developed a new technology that will help to save fat.

After the collection of fat, it is cleaned and dried. The next thing is to add the substances aimed at protecting the biological material by cooling it to 192 degrees Celsius. The client will have to pay a pretty big sum of money for the surgery: to freeze 250 cubic centimeters of fat (which is about a cup of tea in volume), one has to pay $ 900 for the first year. The storage will cost $ 200 annually.

The surgeon’s innovation has already received a portion of criticism. Dr. Stephen Baker, the scientist from Georgetown University, believes that the researchers still do not have reliable data about the efficiency and safety of frozen fat in terms of metabolism.

Source of the image: Dailymail.