Cosmetic Surgery Addict Made Herself Ugly

Hang Mioku before SurgeryHang Mioku, 48, first went under knife when she was 28. After numerous plastic surgeries, her looks changed so drastically that surgeons refused to carry out further operation, thinking she had some mental disorder. One doctor, however, who used to make silicone injections into her face, gave her a syringe and silicone for self-injections. Mioku soon ran out of her silicone but her pursue for “perfect” beauty stayed on. Korean woman thought it was a good idea to use cooking oil instead of silicone.

Series of cooking oil injections into the face and neck caused disfigured and swollen soft tissues, making her look unrecognizably ugly. I’m not going to publish the photo of this woman after the injection – you may simply find it in Google (the photo above is her real one, before the operations).

To raise money for treatment, Hung appeared on TV to ask for help and viewers donated the sum she needed. Fixing terrible consequences of “homework”, the surgeons removed 60 g of foreign substance from woman’s face and 200g from her neck. Operations greatly reduced her swollen fat tissues but left many scars. Realizing what damage she did to herself, Hang Mioku says she would like her real face back.

Photo of Hang Mioku before surgery:

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