Butt Injections Led a Woman to Limbs Amputation

An unlicensed beauty procedure turned out to be highly noxious for April Brown – years of pain ended in the awful necessity to amputate the extremities of all her limbs.

Brown, a Los Angeles-based fashion designer and cosmetologist, made a bad decision when she went for having butt implants. It is a painful story from the beginning to the end, as told by the woman to NBC.

She recounted that she had had butt implants done five years back, and it had set off such cruel infections that she suffered from “excruciating pain” ever since. Finally, it was discovered that the only way of saving her life was to saw off her hands and feet.

Brown, who has two children, tells that these “butt injections” are often done at the so-called pumping parties where you run the risk of having industrial grade silicone injected instead of medical grade silicone.

The sufferer doesn’t divulge who made her the injections, but it dovetails with a RadarOnline report a while back about a transgender woman who did injections containing cement to women craving for rounder butts in Florida.