Bridget Jones's Diary 3 Expected

Everyone remembers Bridget Jones’ adventures and her diary. Two books about this funny character once became best-sellers, and their screen adaptations proved to be real hits.

Bridget Jones's diary

Finally, the author of these novels, Helen Fielding, has released a sequel.

The head of the publishing house, which publishes the book, said that not many writers could match Helen Fielding in her ability to disclose an image of a modern woman. The story of Bridget Jones has been waited for a long time, and many fans are glad that it has finally come back.

The name of the third novel has not been approved yet. According to Fielding herself, the action will take place in London. It is not known whether the book will contain other familiar characters: Bridget’s boyfriend Mark Darcy and her former boss and lover Daniel Cleaver.

The writer admitted that her life and the life of Bridget had been going on. She hopes the readers will get as much fun from reading the story as she did while writing it.

In the USA, the book will go on sale in November.

From time to time, there appear rumors in the press about the screen version of Bridget Jones’ continuing adventures with Renee Zellweger, Hugh Grant and Colin Firth starring in the lead roles, but no other information about the movie has been reported yet, except the consent of the actors.

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