Botched Butt Implants Nearly Killed a Woman

Here is another warning about the dangers of inexpert implantation that has gone viral as soon as a horrific video turned up on the Internet. A woman whose butt implants went crazy on her decided to go public about it, and we’re offering an exclusive story illustrated with clips.


Also, her story is to be aired on Trisha Goddard’s talk show in national syndication, and the hostess is eager to present the moving story of an implant surgery that did so much harm. “She said her quest for a perfect butt nearly cost her her life,” explains Goddard, telling that the unfortunate woman took YouTube by storm, and the incredible video counted more than one million views.

The victim of botched surgery, known only by her first name Renee, recounted the episode that gave her the shock of her life. She had a friend in to show her how she “could reach up under the implant and it just kind of flipped and freaked me out.” Renee said that when it happened she felt so bad that she was unable to breathe properly for some time.

It’s three months that her 20-second video – that will take away the breath of any woman – was posted, displaying her wretched implant flipping around almost by itself in her buttocks as the suffering lady comments that it has no business to behave like that at all!

Now Renee wants her story to be heard, she will come on air demonstrating the over-sized implants that created havoc in the audience when she produced the offensive things.

It’s only one instant of many where inexpert surgeries done by impostors had women left with their behinds stuffed with really dangerous materials including cement, tire sealant and various glues that pose a threat to their health.

Therefore Renee came forward to tell women who wish to save on implant surgery not to go to unqualified doctors and let them botch up female beauty. “Love the skin you’re in,” says she, adding that there should be more people exposing the terrible harm coming from unqualified butt enhancement warning others about the danger.

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