5 Most Dangerous Countries for Women Revealed

According to a new study conducted by an international team of researchers, some states in the world can be considered truly the worst for women.

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The results of the study have shown that the top five in this kind of hit parade include such countries as Afghanistan, Congo, Pakistan, India, and Somalia. For example, in Afghanistan, 87% of the female population are illiterate, and, on average, each eleventh representative of the fair sex has a high chance of dying during childbirth.

In addition, about 80% of girls are still married off forcibly in this country. The African state of Congo has taken the second position on the list because of the record high levels of sexual violence declared in this country, which means more than 400,000 women every year. Because of the so-called honor killings which are the cause of death of more than 100,000 women every year, Pakistan occupies the third position on the list of the most dangerous countries for women to live in.

India is a rather rapidly developing country, but there is still a high level of prostitution, human trafficking (mainly the weaker sex), and female infanticide. It is estimated that about 50 million girls were missing in India over the last year. Somalia regularly demonstrates a large number of rapes (and the numbers continue to rise), there is no good enough care for pregnant women in medical institutions, and there are other negative factors which threaten the health of women.

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