4 Interesting Facts about the Human Mind

Human mind is called one of the greatest mysteries in the world. Researchers have been able to learn a lot of interesting facts about the psychological characteristics of a person. You can try to predict the person’s likely behavior in a given situation, judging by the rules, but a lot of scientists do not quite understand many things. Try the test yourself, and new knowledge will allow you to get to know yourself better.


1. People Are Inattentive?

People are often blind to what is happening right under their nose, if they have to be focused on some other task.

2. A Person May Keep in Mind 3-5 Things Simultaneously?

Scientists point to the existence of the right of the magic number seven plus/minus two. Judging by this theory, a person can not keep more than five to nine pieces of information in his mind at a time. Short-term memory stores most of the information for not more than twenty or thirty seconds, then people quickly forget everything, unless, of course, they do not try to repeat it again and again.
Most people can keep about seven digits in their mind for a short period of time, but almost everyone finds it quite difficult to keep ten digits in their mind.

A recent study proved that people can store even less (not more than three or four blocks) information in the mind. Human short-term memory is rather limited. For example, the phone number has to be divided into a few sets of numbers to be remembered.

3. People Hardly Perceive Blue-Red Things?

In fact, these colors are used in some national flags, but the blue and red colors are badly perceived by sight, when the colors are given together.
This is due to the effect of the so-called chromostereopsis. This effect determines that certain colors can be perceived, while others are removed, and it causes fatigue and eye irritation. This effect is mostly visible in a combination of blue and red as well as green and red.

4. A Person Keeps Focused Attention for No More Than 10 Minutes?

According to the researchers, even if you are present at an important meeting, you are interested in the topic, and the speaker describes the subject in a good way, the longest period when you can maintain concentration is seven to ten minutes. Further attention will surely get weaker, and you will have to take a break to be able to stay focused.

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