10 Biggest Shopping Traps

We all go shopping and we all get into the traps that are literally placed throughout the store. We share 10 most common shopping traps with you. Try not to get caught into them.


  1. If you happen to luckily avoid all the temptations and are already standing at the checkout, do not relax! After all, there are chewing gums, chocolate, newspapers, and batteries in front of you.
  2. Goods for children always lie on the lower shelves. If you do not want hysteria about another “Kinder Surprise”, place the child on a cart.
  3. Shops and restaurants often stimulate appetite with delicious smells in the street. The smells of fresh muffins and coffee excite our buying zeal particularly well.
  4. The famous final sales, complete liquidations, and discounts on the occasion of opening the store are nothing more than trying to get rid of the stored goods that are no longer in demand (and it always brings the result, to be frank).
  5. Arriving at a clothing store and glancing around the shelves, we unconsciously rush not to the neat piles of sweaters, but to the hangers, which look a bit disorderly. Our subconscious tells us that is where all the fun and worth are concentrated. Meanwhile, the mess on the hangers is made by the sellers themselves. In such a way, there appears an impression that the most interesting things are right there just because someone must have rummaged the place before you.
  6. The shops often place the most popular products – milk, bread, cheese – in the farthest corner of the room. Almost everyone needs these products, but until you get to them, you will surely see a lot more.
  7. On the way to the checkout, buyers come across various obstacles – literally. Here and there we see large boxes with popular goods. Sellers know that the buyer is more inclined to make impulse purchases if the goods are exhibited on his/her way.
  8. There is no mathematical difference between a T-shirt for $10 and three T-shirts for $29.90! In fact, we are wasting $20.
  9. Huge mirrors in the stores of ready-made clothes are a shrewd trick: passing a mirror, one cannot resist the temptation to glance at her own reflection. There is no person who would be 100% pleased with her appearance. The decision comes instantly – maybe you urgently need to buy something? To look better.
  10. A large cart means big spending. The empty space inside the cart causes discomfort and an understandable desire to quickly fill the space.
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