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Michael Stevenson, better known as Tyga, is a 22-year-old American rapper of Jamaican and Vietnamese descent. His stage name is an acronym that means Thank You God Always. Tyga received his first recognition for the debut single, entitled Coconut Juice that featured rapper Travie McCoy, the singer’s cousin. Rack City is Tyga’s 2011 single from the to-be-released second studio album, Careless World: Rise of the Last King. The single charted at position 57 on the US Billboard Hot 100. You can find the Rack City music video and lyrics below. Watch and share your impressions with us!

Tyga – Rack City Music Video

Tyga – Rack City Song Words

Rack rack city b-tch (repeat)
Mugga on the beat

[Verse 1]
Rack city b-tch Rack Rack city b-tch
Ten ten ten twenty on ya titties b-tch
100 deep v.I.p. no guest list
T-Raw you don’t know who you f-ckin with?
Got my other b-tch f-ckin with my other b-tch
F-ckin all night n-gga we ain’t celibate
Make sound too dope I ain’t sellin it
Bar fresher than a muthaf-ckin peppermint
Gold leather man last king killin sh-t
Young money Young money yeah we gettin rich
Get ya grandmom on my d-ck (haha)
Girl you know what it is

[Hook] x2
Rack city b-tch Rack Rack city b-tch x3
Ten ten ten twenties and them fifties b-tch

[Verse 2]
I’mma muthaf-ckin star [star]
Look at the paint on the car [car]
Too much rim make the ride too hard
Tell that b-tch hop out, walk the boulevard
I need my money pronto
Get it in the morning like Alonzo
Green got cheese like a nacho
If you don’t got no ass b-tch wear poncho
Head honcho got my seat back
N-gga staring at me don’t get bapped
Got my shirt off the club to packed
It’s too turned going up like gas
God damn pulled out my rags
Mike Mike Jackson n-gga I’m back
T-T-T-Tatted up on my back
All the hoes love me you know what it is
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[Hook] X2
Rack city b-tch Rack Rack city b-tch x3
Ten ten ten twenties and them fifties b-tch

[Tyga Outro] X2
Throwing hundreds hundreds
Hundreds hundreds
Rack rack city b-tch

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