Women’s Thoughts & Deeds during Bad Sex

With sex, you can’t keep it up on the highest note – now and then you are bound to drop far below your expectations and get a very mediocre and insipid act. It may be because you’re with a new guy and you have to get into the groove yet, or it is your regular partner, but there is a sort of a lull between two stormy scenes – to sharpen the senses, you know.


Sometimes you’re so deep into it and intent to bring as much diversity into the act as you can, but then again, there are times when thoughts keep turning in the mind and distract us from the subtleties of what’s happening. Here are ten secret thoughts that occasionally visit every woman during lukewarm sex – but don’t try to face your girlfriend with them, never!

Imagining you’re having sex with a famous man or someone you had great sex with

As your body keeps receiving the stimulation but your mind has kind of wandered, you may start fantasizing that the man you’re with is that sexy actor from the last movie you saw – or with your romantic love from school days – or with one and the other alternatively. You can’t very well just switch off your mind once it’s gotten on its way, can you? Nor do you want to.

Bringing the dirty talk in

If your partner is of those who prefer to stay dumb during sex, and you are all for a soundtrack, you may want to incite him gently into whispering some horny remarks into your ear. Hopefully he will understand that you want to heat up the proceedings and play along – letting you down on that will be disappointing, what’s the use of having short syllables for answers?

Trying all the possibilities of your place

Now you’ve done it – there isn’t a spot in your home you two haven’t tried yet, and the postures sometimes were too acrobatic, like nothing else you’ve attempted before. Yet it remains a bit out of joint. Is there any place we omitted?

Pretending you had an orgasm out of sheer boredom

It all began so nice and exciting, just like in college, but boredom had you in its grip again before you were halfway through it. You are not into faking orgasms to please your partner, but this time it is just too unbearable. So you imitate it without stopping to think twice. You don’t care even if it doesn’t go down well.

Trying the most outlandish underwear

What is it? Edible underwear? This color? Cherry? Preposterous! Still… Well, you haven’t had your underwear eaten off you yet, should you buy it and see whether it will add the spice that has been missing from the sessions? There is always hope.

Dropping off to sleep

Not an everytime occurrence, that. Is he in the mood of turning you over and over this time in the false hope that you will be getting more heated in the process? Doesn’t seem to work much, though, plain resting looks much more inviting. Maybe a little sleep would be better?

Discussing all sorts of things

Did I tell you about the last incident when walking the dog? Oh, and I have been wanting for a while to ask you about that new project you are doing for that client… Anything goes to get him into a discussion, and there are always plans for the next weekend. You’ve done and got away with it.

Examining his body closely

Has he grown another whitehead on his back? You must see about it after the act. And his hair has turned into a thickset. He really needs some grooming. I must throw a hint about it a bit later. He will really look much better after manscaping.

Pretending your phone is ringing

It’s an old one, and he knows that you aren’t always so particular about taking calls, but if nothing else comes into your head, you might as well pull this one. At least you can get off the bed and move about, and then adjourn to the kitchen and start setting up a snack and a drink for both of you.

Trying to remember his name

You thought this one-night affair would be mind-blowing, but it fell short of the expectation. Well, it often does, doesn’t it?

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