Why Self-Isolation Is the Perfect Time for Online Dating?

What should a lonely person do if asked to stay at home for a while? Discover the power of dating apps.

According to CNBC, over the past few months, the number of those who use online dating applications has increased by 25%. Not only youth and the millennials generation are looking for happiness on the net, but also those who are older.

The sites where you can organize and conduct a real romantic date without leaving your home have already appeared on the Internet. And if you are skeptical of the idea of dating online during this difficult period, these five reasons will convince you.

No need to puzzle over where to start a conversation

Self-isolation and everything connected with it is the main topic of discussion in recent weeks. From the intricacies of doing nothing to the tricks of eating chips while lying down – you and your potential gentleman will not have to painfully think what to talk about.

The topic for starting a conversation lies on a surface carefully treated with an antiseptic.

No need to break through emotional protective armor

During a crisis, people tend to trust each other faster and more often than in a relatively calm and boring time. Everything changes with cosmic speed, and it is impossible to say what expects you tomorrow and especially the day after tomorrow.

In conditions of self-isolation, even introverts lack human warmth. There is no need to hide your feelings under the armor of indifference – during this period, you have a chance to really get close to the person you like and establish a close emotional contact with him.

Today is the very moment when everything false is removed easily like foliage from autumn trees. Faces with all their negative and positive emotions begin to be seen from under the masks.

Now you can immediately see who is serious about dating, and who is just having fun, hiding behind a beautiful though fake screen.

There is plenty of time for communication and dating.

Previously, you had to fit dates and online communication into a busy schedule, maneuvering between meetings, deadlines, household chores, sports and chatting with friends.

Now most people on the planet have more than enough free time. And that’s great. Finally, you can relax, calmly look through the profiles, read applications, write to at least twenty candidates, and arrange an online date next Saturday with at least thirty more. Before this, you can easily spend hours talking in the messenger, have video or audio chats.

Psychologists consider the time of self-isolation to be especially successful for those who are in search of a soul mate. It is during this period that you can focus on finding the right partner.

The fact is that in normal times we rely more on communicating in instant messengers. But you will not write much in a message and you will not ask about everything. There was simply not enough time to ask for more. Now there is plenty of time, and you need to spend it profitably. For example, communicate via video or record voice messages more often.

By the way, this is a remarkable opportunity to improve communication skills. Constant lack of time led to the fact that people were used to exchanging exceptionally short phrases and were having difficulty talking about their feelings and emotions. This is especially true about the younger generation.

The quality of dating will grow considerably

Even if its amount decreases. You will approach each date prepared, morally mature and confident about why you are dating this particular person.

Of course, we are talking about online dating. You have enough time to study a potential partner, think over and evaluate the prospects of a relationship with him.

By the way, you can also think carefully about the shortcomings of a handsome prince. Most often, you just lack strength or time in the hectic routine of working days to do this. You habitually dismiss qualities that are doubtful, and then you are upset that you have again plunged into a bad relationship. So now you can avoid this trap, preparing for dates more thoughtfully.

Experts at The Inner Circle online dating application believe that during the period of self-isolation, dates will become more diverse, so our fantasy will get better too. Joint viewing of online lectures, a virtual tour of the museum or even a pair of online trainings – would these ideas come to your mind in a usual situation?

It is possible to see a person in a stressful situation

Love and romance are great, but only until the first misfortune or trouble. An attentive and caring person can suddenly turn into an indifferent egoist or a cowardly ostrich, ready to hide his head even in a concrete floor. Now you do not have to wait for the onset of a difficult situation. The period of self-isolation is the ideal time to check a potential partner for stress resistance.

How he reacts to rumors and gossip, how he copes with excitement, how carefully he makes decisions and whether he is able to plan three moves ahead – the inner core of a person, his character will open before you without much effort on your part.

Pay attention to how he experiences his negative emotions, how ready he is to speak them out loud, and how loyal he is to your worries, even if they are unjustified.

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