Why Men Prefer Tall and Slim Women

Now we know why tall and slim women look the most appealing to men. It’s all about geometry. The fact was discovered by psychologists from the University of Stockholm when they were studying the human perception of different geometrical figures. As a rule, tall women have straight shoulders and small waist, which makes their figure look like a square. The square, in its turn, is known to “call the tune” among geometrical figures, sitting at the top of their hierarchy. Compliance with this form earns its owner a status and image, arousing respect and admiration.


Women with “Round” Figure

Women with a round body shape would hardly appear on TV commercials or be a success in business. But there is a silver lining because men still regard round-shaped women as the most desired spouse.

Do Men Like Slim Women?

The pursuit of success, however, is affecting family life, too. ‘The more men (57% in 2007 vs. 38% in 1998) are looking for tall and slim wives’, – a co-author of the study psychologist Fride Kraigen says.

How Does an Ideal Woman Look Like?

Men’s craftiness knows no limits. For 58% of men, ideal lover is a woman of average or just below the average height. For 64%, ideal lover is supposed to have round-shaped body and just 11% would like to have a sexual intercourse with tall skinny woman of androgynous type.

Figure and Business

On the other hand, plumpness may help women to succeed in traditionally “male” businesses because their figure can delude men who tend to recognize serious competitors in highly representative “square” forms.

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