Why Do Beautiful People Choose Ugly Partners?

American scientists have explained the phenomenon when beautiful people often choose an ugly partner. It turns out that everything depends on how long the lovers know each other.


Both partners, whose romantic relationship began soon after their acquaintance, are much more likely to be equally attractive as they value each other’s physical attraction above all. However, in the couples where one partner is clearly less beautiful than the other one, psychological compatibility moves to the forefront. This is only possible if the partners used to be friends for some time.

So, if a pretty woman meets a man who is not very attractive (and it’s not a mercantile union), it is likely that they have known each other long before the beginning of their romance, and they had enough time to discover a kindred spirit in one another. This is the conclusion made by the researchers from Northwestern University in the US, who interviewed 167 couples consisting of the partners with varying degrees of physical attractiveness.

Among them, 67 couples were still dating, while 100 couples already created an official family. All the couples taking part in the survey had been acquainted for not less than three months, and in some cases their union had lasted for over half a century. The average length of the relationship between the couples that participated in the study was 8 years and 8 months.

The survey results clearly show that the longer the partners know each other before the start of the romantic relationship, the less their union is connected with the physical attraction of one another. This enables us to say that love may come out of friendship.