True Advantages of Online Dating

Over the past years, digital technology has been continuously evolving and psychologists noticed that online dating has been having a significant impact on our lives. Many social aspects about dating quickly adapted to this new trend by growing plenty of roots in the online segment, thus greatly easing efforts for those seeking to establish romantic relationships.

A Wider Horizon based on algorithms

According to Pew Research Center in 2005 very few Americans believed that online dating could be successful thus the low number of users, but in 2019 over 15% of Americans stated that they have used special online dating sites or mobile dating apps and have been entirely successful in finding their loved one.

Compatibility is one of the most important pillars of online dating and special dating companies such as EHarmony and Match have designed one based on a special algorithm which enables their users to avoid unwanted matches and identify the suitable partners. For example, EHarmony always asks its users to fill out extensive psychological reports in order to create a specific pattern.

Various personalities, various matches

Thinking about the complexity and diversity of individuals it is more than clear that identifying the perfect partner is definitely a hard process and scientific research does not support any pattern because many matches between individuals are extremely diverse, online dating came close to creating ideal personality compatibilities.

EHarmony and Match always evaluate human values, specific character traits, various attitudes, and certain beliefs. Individuals engaged in long relationships always have a habit of being similar one with each other than random strangers. This theory is called the similarity hypothesis and many couples believe that it has a significant contribution to relationship satisfaction.

Rich pool of partners

Traditional dating is usually based on the notion of physical proximity, where individuals choose their partners with whom they interact on a regular basis, for example, neighborhood, office, school or other similar places. Online dating companies offer a wider reach in the offline pool of partners and this is great because of the immense diversity of these partners based on many similarities.

The main feature of online dating is and will always be that it has the possibility of greatly expanding the pool of available partners, therefore, allowing singles to connect faster to a greater number of matches, many of whom wouldn’t have met in their regular lives. Rather than choosing who is a match in physical proximity, online dating has a higher potential of meeting the ideal partners who meet specific criteria.

Online dating also encourages the motivation of creating a satisfying relationship which will have the partners to be committed towards one another due to the need of both of having a healthy relationship. In contrast, traditional daters usually stumble into frail relationships in which one of the partners does not have a real desire of being involved emotionally in a relationship.

In conclusion, statistics show that online participants in the online dating process tend to be wealthier and more highly educated than the traditional daters and these factors are associated with a decreased probability of divorcing.

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