Smart Wives Make Men Healthier

It turns out that being married to a smart woman has a positive impact on the health of the man.


This opinion was confirmed by the study conducted by the experts from Sweden. The experiment involved 1.5 million couples. The results of the study made it possible to assess the impact of the wife’s education on the state of health of her husband. At the same time, man’s intelligence has no similar effect.

According to the researchers, these results are due to the fact that the wife often takes meaningful decisions regarding the lifestyle of the family, especially when making up the diet. Consequently, the quality of decision-making depends on how educated the spouse is. Many things depend on the level of her knowledge.

The man is also a key figure in the family, as he often performs the role of a financial breadwinner. The amount of earnings influences the living conditions and the quality of food products. It also influences the question how often the family can have a rest. These factors are quite important for health. The above mentioned facts lead to the scientists’ conclusion – a man, if married to a smart woman, lives longer.