Signs Your Ex Wants You Back

So you have broken up, but you believe the embers are still glowing, and maybe you both are not averse to picking up where you left off… Now that you have reached this point, the next step is to somehow learn your ex’s intentions. Can it be done? It can – even if they are trying not to wear their hearts on their sleeves. There are signs revealing, even when some time has passed, the fact that your ex wants you back in their life.

They are still in touch asking how things are going

It is a common thing to stop communicating in the wake of a breakup – people may be too angry with each other and want to simmer down. But if after a while your ex turns up on a social media site or with a text inquiring about your welfare or picking up on some subject you used to discuss together, it means you are still on their mind.

You can drive them to jealousy

You have decided to part amicably and remain friends? Then they will be only happy to learn that you have an active personal life and are seeing somebody. They may be curious but in a reserved mode. On the other hand, they may be stirred up to acute curiosity and other signs of jealousy. In this case it is highly likely they keep cherishing warm feelings for you.

They find pleasure in recalling your good times together

When your ex texts you or calls you, they are bound to come up with questions whether you remember such or such incident. So, they are happy with these memories and not ready to let them go yet. While life is rushing on ahead, they feel comfortable in their past… with you. You can bet they think of re-living these moments – at least sometimes.

When you text them they reply immediately

In case you maintain companionable contact after you split, and you observe that when you are on to them, their answer comes amazingly quickly, they are glad to be in touch. Then, you may notice there is little difference in wording from back when you were in a relationship, or their style is rather enthusiastic. This could be a giveaway sign.

You seem to see your ex around every corner

Of course, you can run into your ex when you least expect it, especially when you keep the same company. But once you (or they) start several times a day because you spot someone like them wherever you go, chances are they won’t follow you to the cafe or to the gym, but you are subconsciously expecting to see them again. It means the past isn’t dead yet.

They write and call you when they are in their cups

When your ex has downed a few glasses, what do they do and who comes to their mind? If it is you, well, you relate strongly to their maudlin and romantic mood, don’t you? While it’s nice to know, don’t take anything they may say or text for an unvarnished truth – it may not mean anything and can be easily forgotten on the following morning.

They make out as if they couldn’t do without your help

You had a past together, you both know the strong and the weak points of each other, so it is natural if your ex asks you to help them out where you know you can do better. But if they make a habit out of it and you realize that they do it on trumped-up causes, you can smile sweetly and ask what exactly they want with you. Clear the air instead of conniving at what can be termed as ridiculous intrusions.

They keep reporting their headway to you

Boasting about one’s achievements is understandable; when it becomes a recurrent report, it could mean your ex is trying to put across the notion that they have grown into a more mature and more sophisticated person who has more things to show for themselves than it was when you knew them.

So, should you ever feel like letting bygones be bygones and starting afresh, they intimate that you will get a more exciting and dependable partner than before?

They want your mutual friends to tell them about you on a regular basis

You both have mutual friends and you know your ex gets regular updates from them about how you are faring. That’s a strong piece of evidence that they consider you an important person in their life. If you had a long span together and have acquired quite a few mutual friends, this is an especially meaningful signal.

They left their stuff behind and are not in a hurry to collect it

Unless they are downright careless, they will take pains to collect the belongings they left when they walked out. People who failed to do so may use their stuff as an excuse to stay in touch with the view of moving back on one sunny day.
Your ex’s friends display curiosity about how you are getting on

Their friends who never spared you much thought soon after your breakup begin to inquire about you and your affairs. They may ask you about it openly, or they may not, but the idea behind this interest is to learn if you have somebody new. Undoubtedly your ex put them up to that!

The separation made them obviously upset

Following the separation how much time is it going to take you to return to your normal condition? Now if you get to know that your ex hasn’t straightened out for a long time, it is a sure sign that they won’t accept the breakup. It may be reflected in dejected posts on their social media profiles, your mutual friends telling you they miss you so much, requests to go and talk to them.

Their relatives and best friends share with you how woebegone they are unable to live down the split? Then they must be longing to be back in your arms again before long – it’s up to you.

They started to place much stock in self-development

You get to hear that your ex got suddenly bent on taking courses, studying things, and improving their skills in various spheres. They want to get on in life, become better individuals. It is likely they do it for you, to impress you and show they might have been wrong but are not going to stay with the mistakes they have made.

They are open about their new dates

Maybe it is not their work on themselves but their active dating life of late is what they wish to accentuate for your sake. They make out they have moved away from you in order to elicit pangs of jealousy and rekindle the desire to win them over again.

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