Signs Your Ex Is Over You

When we enter into relationships, we don’t do it expecting that it will end up in a breakup. A breakup is a painful affair, even though it may be only an unpretentious seaside romance. People walk out of our lives, leaving an empty place behind, and we don’t quite know what to do and how to heal the hurt. You can keep hoping that he will come back… until the end of time. If only there was a way to know if he can be brought back – or even if he is gone for good – it might be easier to live it down without undue emotional confusion. So it’s great that there are clear-cut signs that your ex is over you and doesn’t want you back.

Your ex ignores your calls or texts

This kind of ignoring can be but natural if it happens for a few days directly succeeding the split. The man could need some time to chew on the situation. It is a different proposition, though, if this continues into months. A person who won’t yield even the shortest of responses has clearly washed his hands off you, and you are unlikely to get any response ever.

“It’s not you, it’s me”

Explanations for a breakup are multiple; many of them are noncommittal, but this one is not. When a person asserts that the problem lies with him, his mind must have turned to another direction.

So he claims that he is responsible for your not being together – it means you cannot change his state of mind. You don’t need to take that up – better leave things as they have become.

Your calls and messages are blocked or his phone number has been changed

As you realize that you cannot send him messages anymore, it indicates that your ex has no wish to hear from you at all. The more changes he made to prevent you from calling him, the more certain you can be that he has become history. No good is going to come from any further attempts at communication.

You have found yourself removed to the friend zone

Some couples don’t mind remaining on a friendly footing after they separated. If they did remain friends, it helps dispose of most of the trauma and smooth over the shock.

The interesting question is, who suggested you stay friends in the first place? If it was he, it could have been a sign that he was getting off you, ready to start from a fresh page. If he went on to relegate you into his friend zone, your time together is up and any further communication with him will only augment the pain.

On seeing you the ex looks annoyed and not at all pleased

You split, okay, but you could run into each other at a party or in a cafe. If it happened, read the signs: weeks passed, tempers calmed down, what do both of you feel now that you met by the hand of fate? Does he evince interest or indifference? Is there excitement and emotion? If he is interested and titillated, you have a chance; but if he looks like a dead fish, throw your hand down.

He returned all your belongings

When the feelings are still there, running into the things your ex left behind causes pangs. You believe that while their things are with you, you are not totally separated. When things are returned, it means the person does not want to cherish memories any longer.

The news that you are seeing another guy leaves him cold

Always a good idea to see how your ex-boyfriend still reacts to you is to tell him you have got a new date (of course, if you keep up communicating). A guy who retained feelings for you would want to know at once who the date is, how you got acquainted and will pump you for information.

He can pretend that he doesn’t care, but you will see through him. Yet if he is really indifferent and tells you he is happy for you, then it is a very bad sign.

His family turned away from you

While you were together you could have been a frequent visitor to his parents’ place. You could have been looked upon as part of the family. In this case, when you have split, they could be wanting you back together and might even take sides with you. But on the other hand, if you see them and they give you the cold shoulder, your ex must have told them that you were out of his life permanently.

He has a new date and splashes about it on his social media profiles

Naturally, it often happens that after people are separated they go on loving each other notwithstanding, and they keep in mind the possibility of reconciliation. They are chary of doing something that might be offensive to the other party.

As he presents himself as a free agent ready to strike up a new relationship and is open about his new dates, he must feel certain that he is not coming back to you and therefore not interested in your reaction.

He advises you on the benefits of moving on

So he is set on self-development, he believes in moving on, and there comes a day when he urges you to move on, too! It sounds exactly as if he wanted to be free of you! Yes, it is mortifying, and it takes a lot of living down, but it is better than freezing yourself up in the hope that one day he would call you.

Your partner wanting you to meet a new boyfriend and telling you you will be happier with somebody else is a definite turnoff. You can spare yourself feelings. Instead of burning yourself out, concentrate on enjoying yourself. After you have done something to put him out of your mind, take measures to restore your peace of mind and do yourself a favor of developing your personality.

Avoid unwarranted drama

You invested into this relationship, but it didn’t go off? However painful the experience is, it’s not the end of the world. Cut off your loss, put more faith in the future and do your utmost to look and feel better after the breakup. Spend more time with people who are with you all the way.

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