8 Signs Your Online Date Will Never Get Offline

A virtual boyfriend is still better than no boyfriend at all. On the other hand, you may think that if you have a photo of Tom Hardy on your bedside table, you are not that alone. When the relationship on the Internet does not go offline for too long, it’s time to decide whether you need to waste your life for the meaningless exchange of pictures. Here are a few signs that an online boyfriend will never enter your real life.

1. He speaks of dating in an uncertain manner

It seems illogical that a person who does not plan to date in real life should talk about a date with you. But do not be too flattered if he writes about it in an abstract manner. You can get stuck in uncertainty for a long time because of the guy’s inability to move from words to action.

2. Too busy

Everyone has no time, but the life of a virtual boyfriend is so insane that he cannot find a couple of hours in his schedule to communicate with you in real life. At the same time, nothing prevents him from writing letters every day. Even if you agreed to meet, something will necessarily happen at the last moment and your plans will be ruined.

3. He was in your area but did not say a word

The guy you chat with often happens to be not far from your home or work, but never offers to exchange a couple of words in person. Or even worse: he does not even say that he was somewhere nearby, and you learn about it from his geolocation in social networks. You need to understand that if you do not live in different countries, there is no objective reason not to meet at least once.

4. He does not show any interest

When you are not interested in someone, he is trying to win your attention, and as soon as you start reacting, he retreats. At the beginning of communication you felt at ease, but over time you started to invest in these relationships more and more. Now you ask him questions about his life, and he does not ignore them but does not show any interest either. The moment he loses interest is difficult to notice at once because he answers your messages and even is the first to write sometimes. This cannot continue for a long time, and one day you will look at the situation soberly and realize that you are being played with.

5. Unlike you, he is not so worried about the fact that you have not seen each other

He cannot understand why you feel like an idiot wasting your time, sending messages… and never meeting in real life. The guy does not think that this is important and is surprised that you are so upset by the situation. Your insistent hints and tantrums cause bewilderment because he has never intended to see you.

6. He begins to communicate less and less

A six-volume book could be compiled from your correspondence during the first weeks of acquaintance. You have not noticed how he became the first one on the list of friends and how you got used to starting the morning with reading his messages. Over time, you begin to hint about a meeting and express disappointment that it has not occurred yet. Then, all of a sudden, he slowly disappears into the virtual world.

7. He lies about not using the dating application anymore

The fact that you have moved your conversation from the dating application chat to another platform is a good sign. Have you gone so far as to exchange audio and video messages? It’s almost a success then. The words that he no longer uses the application sound like a hint of a serious attitude towards you. If at the same time you see activity in his profile, you should avoid any further communication. You have not even met, and he’s lying already! It’s hard to find an excuse for such disrespect.

8. He does not react to your threats to stop communication

At some point, you decide to honestly talk about what is happening between you. You are tired of senseless waste of time and you make it clear that it’s time for you to either move on or stop talking. If this does not cause any reaction on his part, he never intended to become your real boyfriend and, having lost you, he will simply begin to chat with someone else. If you realize that a virtual guy does not plan to get materialized in your life, you should never try to inquire about the reasons. Was he trying to escape from boredom? Did he want a relationship, but then changed his mind? Was it for fun? What’s the difference, you’ll never know, so there’s no need to worry.

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