Signs of Disrespect That Kill Your Relationship

Have you noticed how often you roll your eyes and resort to a mordant wit while talking to your partner? These seemingly subtle signs of disrespect are the first forerunners of divorce. Judging from the style of communication between partners, it’s possible to predict how long their relationship will last. There are different indicators of the forthcoming breakup – permanent criticism, detachment, and aggressive defense. But there is something even more serious and aggravating – your expression of contempt for your partner. Some non-verbal signs let your partner feel that you view him as inferior. Derision, abusive language, rolling your eyes, caustic irony… All this hurts your partner’s confidence and self-esteem and if you want to save your relationship, you need to control your disdain towards your partner. Relationship experts from NatalyDate, the dating website where men can meet singles from Ukraine, share some useful tips on how to develop harmonious relationships and prevent a divorce.

Mind the way you communicate

What you say is not as important as how you do it. Your partner hears your intonation and sees your body language and feels your contemptuous attitude. This behavior poisons your relationship, undermines the level of trust between you two, and gradually leads to a breakup. You want to be heard, don’t you? For this, you should clearly say what you want to say in the way that doesn’t offend your partner.

Forget the phrase “I don’t care”

Saying these words, you let your significant other know that you’re not going to listen to him. He understands: you don’t care about a single thing he’ll say. Showing your indifference (even in a subtle way by gestures and facial expression) you bring your relationship closer to the end.

Avoid sarcastic tone and spiteful jokes

When you tell your partner he is exaggerating things or overreacting, it means his feelings are of no consequence to you. Offensive jokes and reproofs depreciate your partner. Avoid derisive remarks such as “I totally understand you” or “It was very funny!” said with a shade of sarcasm.

Communicate your worries and concerns

Many couples start showing their disrespect when they have a lot of complaints about each other. In order to avoid mutual disdain, you should live in the moment and share your concerns with your significant other at once. If you don’t like something, tell your partner because when your worries and blames are piled up inside and you don’t unload them, it poisons you and your relationship.

Control your reactions

If you noticed that you often smirk or get bored listening to your partner, it indicates there is a problem with your relationship. Try to live separately for a while or focus your attention on some positive moments of your life and the best qualities of your partner.

Listen carefully

Don’t interrupt your partner by the phrase, “You take this situation to heart” – let him tell the whole story and try to understand the nature of his feelings. If something provoked such a strong reaction in him, it must be something serious and worth your attention.

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