Should I Get Divorced? 5 Signs Your Marriage Is Over

No one likes to think that their relationship might end. For many of us, our relationship with our spouses is the bedrock of our existence, and something we feel as if we can always depend on. That’s why we get married in the first place.

However, that kind of commitment doesn’t always last. In fact, a large number of marriages end every day all across the United States. The divorce rate is down, but that doesn’t mean divorce isn’t still incredibly common.

Should you join the ranks of these many couples? It can be an incredibly hard decision to make. You need to look for the signs your marriage is over before making the call. Read on and we’ll let you know what to look out for.

1. You Never Argue

We know, you might be shocked to read this as one of the first signs that your marriage is over. After all, isn’t arguing the main thing that seems to drive couples apart?

Yes and no. The truth, at the end of the day, is that fighting and arguing is inevitable in a relationship. In many cases, fighting about something means the comfortable and clear pathways of communication are still open.

The time you should really be worried about your marriage is when the fight drains out and there’s nothing but silence remaining. Avoidance and lack of communication can be the true death knell for a relationship and a marriage at the end of the day.

When you just can’t be bothered to express yourself or fight for what you think is right in the relationship?

You can count your days truly numbered. If you’ve found yourself at this stage in your own marriage, it might be time to look into divorce and separation.

2. Your Sex Drive is Non-Existent

Intimacy is an important but tricky part of almost any relationship. The sexual chemistry between two individuals will no doubt change over time. There will be rises and falls.

It likely comes as no surprise that married couples don’t have sex all the time. However, a complete lack of sexual intercourse between two individuals over a long period of time might be a problematic element for a relationship.

Physical intimacy helps to create a sense of closeness between partners. There is a passion in this action that helps to keep the love between two individuals alive. A complete lack of sexual activity can spell doom, especially if you’re feeling the pull of arousal to other people.

3. You’ve Stopped Working as a Team

Marriage is a partnership. It means taking on this beast we call life together, for better or worse. If you’ve stopped approaching things with your spouse together, and have been operating totally on an independent basis, it might mean things are looking bad.

If you’ve stopped thinking of We and are only thinking of I, it can be a hard thing to come back from. That language can be hugely indicative of where one is at in their relationship.

Do you make plans with your partner, or do you tend to fill each other in on your individual weekly schedule? Do you approach problems regarding your finances and work as a team, or split things up with no overlap? Do you spend more time thinking about work, friends, and kids than you do one another?

One of these things in isolation might be healthy. However, completely splitting your coupled life into two pieces might indicate you’re on-some-level ready to call things off. You might just be afraid to make the move and untether yourself.

4. You’ve Taken Certain Exit-Strategy Actions

If you’re already looking for the door, you might as well admit that you’re ready for a divorce. There are certain actions spouses take to be ‘safe’ or ‘responsible’ that at the end of the day are just indicative of their desire to leave the relationship behind.

These actions can take many forms.

If you’ve begun searching for a new job that can provide you more financial independence, that may subconsciously be part of your preparation to leave the relationship. Moving your money into a separate account can be a more obvious one.

It’s always good to be independent, of course. However, if it feels as if you’re setting yourself up for a life without your spouse, you might need to accept the reality that this life is what you’re moving towards.

5. You Can’t Be Honest With Them

It should go without saying that honesty is the essential bedrock of all good relationships. Sometimes, over time, it feels like we lose the ability to be honest with our spouses.

This doesn’t always mean dishonest behavior like cheating. It might mean something as simple as not feeling as if you are able to be honest. You feel as if you can’t express how you’re feeling to your spouse.

It might be taking time to yourself to be happy and feeling as if you can’t share that information.

Any dishonesty in a relationship is a likely indication that things are not where they should be. It might be time to call things quits.

Five Signs Your Marriage Is Over

If your relationship has been on rocky ground recently, you may need to take some time to reflect. If you notice the above signs your marriage is over evidence in your relationship, it might be time to look into splitting up.

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