The Key Things to Planning the Perfect Party

Planning a party is an exciting experience. Exciting, yet often stressful. There are so many things to think of and as the party organiser, it’s down to you to make sure that all the different elements of a party run smoothly.

Before exploring how to plan the perfect party, let’s first take a look at exactly what a party is and the reasons that you may organise one!

What is a party?

Simply put, a party is a social gathering of invited guests, typically involving eating, drinking, and entertainment. A party can take many forms; sometimes a subtle, understated occasion, but often a party can be quite the opposite to understated.

Parties are often viewed as an opportunity for people to let their hair down and have a great time – and why not! Everybody deserves a bit of down-time every now and again.

Why would you plan a party?

Birthday – When you think of the word party, you automatically think of birthday’s – the two things are just synonymous with each other. A birthday is the most common reason to organise a party.

Engagement – The love of two people is definitely something to celebrate. Engagement parties are a way of life, and long may that continue.

Other celebration – It doesn’t have to be a major life event to warrant a party. Even events or actions that may seem fairly trivial in the grand scheme of things (such as winning a sporting final) are a great reason to organise a party.

How to plan the perfect party

Geographical Location

Location. Location. Location. When organising a party, you need to make sure that you get the location right. Although friends and loved ones will no doubt be willing to travel in order to attend a celebration, making sure the location is easily accessible to those invited is important. Otherwise, you may risk some important people not being able to attend; or, god forbid, a poor turnout.


Selecting the right venue for a party is imperative. Consider the type of party, length of time the party will go on for and important, the number of guests that will be attending before choosing a venue. Finding a venue that can cater to a diverse number of guests such as the rooms for hire at MAC in Birmingham gives you options and flexibility.


Nobody wants to attend a boring party! So, with that in mind, making sure you book some high-quality entertainment for your party is key. Be it a bouncy castle for the kids, a local band for the rockers among us or even a magician to amaze your guests; party entertainment is vitally important.


Finally, the refreshments. Never forget the refreshments. Guests at a party like to be well fed and watered, so make sure you get this spot on. You can make your own food, set up a bar, or even order take-away for delivery – whatever you do, just don’t forget the refreshments!

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