Richer Men Are Better in Bed?

Ubiquitous physiologists have made yet another discovery about female orgasm. Leading expert at Newcastle University, England, claims women’s orgasm frequency increases with the wealth of their partners, according to The Telegraph.


Dr. Thomas Pollet explains the link by the theory of evolutionary adaptation. The theory says males and females are genetically programmed to use each other to the best advantage to ensure better environment for their kids.

Scientists propped up their assumption about the link between orgasm and income by social polls. The Chinese Health and Family Centre polled 5000 people, notably asking them about the income and sexual life. The study was largely based on the interviews of 1534 women with male partners. The results showed 121 of the women always experienced orgasm while 408 often orgasmed. Another 762 had rare orgasms while 243 never orgasmed. Similar studies conducted in Germany and America chimed in with the results.

In this connection, British physiologists refer to Playboy empire founder Hugh Hefner who in his 80s has had girlfriends 60 years younger than himself and magnate Donald Trump whose wives get younger as he gets richer. But these stories somehow seem to have another link behind them.

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