The Reason Your Husband Doesn’t Want to Have Sex

Today, women often discuss this burning question in offices, in smoking rooms, at parties for women and while drinking tea. They are eager to know why their husband does not want to have sex with his wife. What does the stamp in the passport change in the human being, and why do men sometimes find sex in marriage not so sweet as before the wedding?


Man’s View

Being exhausted after work, a man feels embarrassed and mumbles absurd excuses, but in fact, he does everything not to have sex. The husband tends to see the environment as the reason for chronic fatigue. Maybe, it does not seem to be a problem, but if we hear such excuses constantly, it makes us think about the relationship.

Low Libido in Men

If your husband is more than thirty years old, perhaps the reason is in his age characteristics. Unhealthy lifestyle leads to certain changes:

  • lack of physical activity;
  • stress;
  • regular stress on kidneys and liver during holidays and at weekends.

Man’s & Woman’s Libido

Note that the peak of sexual activity in men happens at the age of eighteen to twenty years, while sexuality in women develops most brightly after thirty. We cannot exclude the fact that you have a different temperament. Sexual constitution is an essential component of a harmonious sexual life. It can be strong, medium, and weak. If your temperaments are similar, and you need about the same amount of sex, you will have a harmonious sexual relationship. If you both face the need to have sex every day, and more than once, – you have a strong sexual constitution; if you prefer to do it three or four times a week – your sexual constitution is average; if you do not mind having sex once a week or less – this is a sign of weak constitution.

Sex & Relationships

Psychologists have announced the results of many-year research and told why men do not want to have sex with their wives. For 60% of the respondents, sex turned into a routine and became monotonous. In such a situation, a man can have the thought that the things could be different with someone else. Sexologists recommend urgently discovering some positive features that the spouse has. After a while, you’ll want to possess such a priceless treasure again.


Woman’s Appearance

About a third of the respondents refuse to have sex because they are dissatisfied with the appearance of their wife. Many men think that their wives are too plump or that they have stopped taking care of themselves and just do not excite them. The remaining votes were divided almost equally between watching adult movies and family scandals. Many men do not want to have sex with their wife because they are angry with her at the moment. The more often the family has scandals and quarrels, the less sex they have in the marital bedroom.

Men Watching Adult Films

There are many men who prefer to watch adult movies instead of having sex with a real woman. Sexologists explain it in the following way: the man just needs to constantly have new sensations.

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