How to Get Rid of Vacation Romance Addiction?

Surely you have had a light holiday romance at least once in your life – the one that seems to blow your mind, as if you have met the one, your soulmate. You agree not to lose touch upon returning home but then, to your greatest disappointment, you understand that your partner’s feelings have cooled down, and he is not interested in further communication. How to get rid of the addiction when the vacation is over and get back to normal life? will tell you

First of all, do not blame yourself for yielding to the temptation – this was your conscious decision, so there is no point in reproaching yourself for what happened. Secondly, get rid of the thoughts like “Will he call me again?”, “If I had done everything differently, could we have a chance now?”, “What if I take the initiative?”

Believe me, in most cases, vacation romances end where they started, and there is no sense in trying to drag them into “real life”. Of course, there are rare exceptions when such a relationship grows into something serious. However, feelings generally fade as soon as one of the partners leaves for home. How to behave to eradicate the emotional attachment and get back to your usual life? Read our article.

Things you shouldn’t do

Inflicting yourself on the other person

No matter how corny it may sound, asking for love (and attention) is the worst thing you can do. A person is either interested in you and will try to keep the relationship going, or (as often happens) will prefer to interrupt communication with you, leaving only pleasant memories of your romance.

Yes, be sure he will keep the same wonderful moments in his head, but he will hardly want more than that. If the man hadn’t given you any promises at the very beginning (or, on the contrary, he honestly said that he was ready only for a fling), then you should not be selfish and try changing the rules of the game. In addition, psychologists say that, after a while, a person may want to get in touch, succumbing to nostalgia. Then it will be only up to you to decide whether to reciprocate or not.

Wishful thinking

Another common mistake among women is to agree to a vacation romance, and then start imagining the rings, the Mendelssohn march, three kids and a country house. This way, they start believing in something that will never happen. Therefore, do not rush to ring up all your acquaintances after the very first date. Don’t introduce your new flame to your friends or tell him every detail about your life. Perhaps he just wants to relax and have a good time, while you are trying to take an easy relationship to a new level.

Trying to change your partner

Do not demand too much from a man. He gives you exactly as much as he can at the moment. After all, you paid attention to him and succumbed to his charm, so do not try to turn him into someone else at the end of the vacation. Give the person the opportunity to choose – he either wants to change and do something for you, or he is okay with everything. In the latter case, you shouldn’t be too active.

Changing yourself

You should not try to fit in with your man in hope that he will fall in love and want to stay with you forever. If he distinguished you among others and struck up a brief relationship with you, then he likes you just the way you are. Besides, psychologists advise against changing for the sake of men, it is not worth it. This can only be done for your own sake, if you feel that you are stuck in the routine and want to somehow diversify your life.

How to reanimate yourself (and your feelings) after the vacation romance ends:

Analyze if everything was as perfect as you imagined

Remember what exactly you fell for in your new boyfriend, and why is that relationship stuck in your memory? Was everything really perfect, or have you just convinced yourself of this? Maybe you simply wanted to believe that everything was perfect and that is why you agreed with everything the man said (and did). However, if you think about it, maybe it wasn’t so good anyway.

Think if you could live with him

You should “transfer” your fabulous prince to reality and think if you could plan a future with him. Another good way to bring yourself to your senses is to imagine that, for example, after a vacation, you decide to live together, build joint plans and so on. Are you sure that the man will meet your expectations? Yes, he courted beautifully, he gave you the moon and the stars, sunsets and passionate hugging on an empty beach, but he may not be as good in everyday life. Probably he is financially dependent (otherwise, he would have given you something more substantial than the moon).

Therefore, before you suffer that it is over, think about what would happen if your encounters continued? Would you invite him to your territory? Would you move to him? Would you rent a hotel room? Such moments are very sobering and help to look at the current situation from a different angle.

Switch to work and current problems

Perhaps passion (and worries about your prince) made you lose track of several important points that actually require your direct participation. According to psychologists, the surest way to get rid of mental suffering is to dive into work and finally get busy with arranging your life.

Can you remember the last time you made repairs? Or maybe your boss has long been expecting an important report from you, which you still haven’t finished? Devote yourself to more important matters, and then your experiences will fade, and soon you will feel that life is improving.

Take care of yourself

Yes, no matter how trite it may sound, but now is the best time to change your style, look, hairdo, sign up for courses, do what you have always dreamed about, but have put off for a number of reasons. You are currently experiencing an emotional upsurge, so why not use it to the fullest.

Get a new romance

Why not, actually? If your vacation prince has let you go so easily, then you have every right to go on a date with a new man. Who knows, maybe this time your story will be more promising.

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