How to Get Along with an Introvert?

Quite often one can hear dissatisfied statements of the people assuring that, according to the new etiquette, it is necessary to send a message and get consent before calling the interlocutor. Only then one can dial the needed number. Introverts may be satisfied with this idea, but it is very difficult for the rest of people to accept such a reality. shares the information on how to communicate with a person who prefers quiet family evenings to noisy parties.

Do not confuse them with modest ones

Do not think that if a person suddenly begins to look at the walls / paintings / ceiling / landscape outside the window with a bored look, he is simply too modest and must be “brought to life”. In fact, introverts are very open, cheerful and sociable, but only if they are given the opportunity to “recharge batteries” from time to time and are not bound to accompany someone. If you see that your introvert is really bored, just leave him alone for a while and do not say unnecessary words, otherwise you will not succeed.

Do not impose your company

This point follows from the previous one. If you are an extrovert by nature and communication is vital for you not to get bored and lose interest in life, introverts need the opposite for the same purpose: to hide inside four walls without seeing anyone. Do not take this personally: as soon as a person recovers senses, he will again be very happy in your company.

Respect the boundaries of others

Do not put pressure on a person and do not demonstrate that you know better what to do in a given situation. Just do not forget: what is good for you may not be suitable (or even contraindicated) for another person. Therefore, if a familiar introvert makes you understand that certain things are unacceptable to him, just take it for granted and do not insist on your own.

Don’t judge by yourself

Another mistake that many people make when communicating with introverts is to judge by themselves and draw conclusions that are generally untrue. In other words, if you are told that you need to take a break and, for example, avoid communicating for several days, you should not immediately feel anxious about being substituted for someone else and terminating the relationship. A person just needs time to think, to weigh the pros and cons, and at the same time decide what to do.

Do not hurry someone up or moralize them

Instead of taking patronage over the introvert, trying to teach them “new wise ways” and transform their personality, figure out what the person needs. Most likely, the person will tell you that he is quite comfortable to maintain this rhythm and is ready to “go out and have fun”, after which he will urgently need a break. If you value the relations with this person, you will have to yield and take his desires (and capabilities) into account.

Learn to listen and accept

The most important thing is not to talk incessantly, not allowing the introvert to even insert a word, but to listen to what he says. Maybe then you will understand that he is desperately hinting to you about feeling uncomfortable and being ready to change the situation for the better. Try to accept his desires and do not impose your own ones. For example, you can give some slack and let the person go home if he is tired of the people. You can have fun without him.

Spare some time for a break

It is not difficult for you to communicate non-stop, but the introvert needs time to relax. No matter how much he cherishes your relationship, he will still look for any opportunity to stay alone with himself. Do not get offended and do not come up with ultimatums. All you can do in this situation is to leave the person alone for a while. Do not worry if the introvert disappears from your eyes for a few days. As soon as he is ready to continue communication, he will let you know.

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