How to End a Dull Date Gracefully?

We all had this feeling. Imagine that the waiter brings your order, and you realize that the picture in the menu was Carbonara, and in real life, you’re going to have overdone macaroni looking like porridge. The dress, which was so sexy and elegant in an online store, turned you into old-fashioned tootsie from the 1990s. In the photo, the guy looked like young Bon Jovi, but then he turned out to be lisping and a fan of Justin Bieber!

It does not matter what brought you to this date: maybe you registered on a dating website or was cheerful enough to give your phone number to a ticket attendant in the local amusement park… When it is obvious that this guy will not become your life partner, it’s time to come up with a decent retreat plan.

If you are a polite girl, you can’t just show you are disappointed, chuckle, turn around, and flee. The talent to end a date will save you from the unpleasant communication and the feeling of remorse for someone’s bruised ego. We have prepared instructions on how to end a dull date.

Take small bills

If you want to disappear as quickly as possible, you need to get ready in advance. Take small bills with you not to wait for a change or the waiter with a mobile terminal to use your card. You can always put a bill on the table and leave the cafe.


Going to a cafe is the most successful option for a first date. Escaping from the cinema or getting rid of an unwanted boyfriend on the street are much more difficult feats. Even if you have realized from the start that it is going to be a fiasco, it is terribly rude to leave without a word. Order something very plain and fast, like a cup of coffee. Do not take roasted pork and champagne until you make sure that you are ready to spend the next few hours with the guy. Relax and try to just talk with him, find out how he is doing, what he does for a living. Think of this date as a chance to learn something new.

Be friendly, not coquettish

When communicating, be careful with sending signals. You may try to be very nice to compensate for the disappointment caused by your refusal. However, coquetry can send your date in the wrong direction. Ask neutral questions about his work or study. Do not be frank and let him feel the border between you. By all means, avoid discussing someone’s personal life and sex.

Prepare a way for retreat

Try to empty your glass at the same time with the interlocutor not to leave any pretext for the next order. When you see that he is finishing his drink, do the same and say that you need to go to the toilet. This will allow you to collect your thoughts. When you come back, keep standing and say that it’s time for you to go. Ideally, you should be strong enough not to use false excuses. It must be said, however, that even the most hard-hearted of us find it difficult to look at the mournful whining face of the person whom we are going to abandon. Just in case, prepare a couple of reasons for leaving early. Just make sure they sound believable. It will sound fake, disrespectful, and miserable if you mention your dying grandmother or an unplugged iron. Your job is a great reason, it is always important and helps you look like a successful business lady.

Be resolute

Do not hesitate to leave. Speak decisively and unequivocally: “It was pleasant to have a chat, but it’s time for me to go, please do not see me off”. Hold the purse in your hands and do not sit down on a chair. Put the prepared bill on the table and head for the exit. He will probably waste some time with the check and will not be able to follow you.

Go out of the café alone

You have won a little time, so when you disappear from sight, try to leave as soon as possible. If you talk before leaving, he will have time to pay and follow you. It is important to do everything smoothly, quickly and naturally, and you will not have to bear awkward conversations.

Wait for a taxi around the corner

Of course, you can get in the black limousine that has slowed down at the cafe and disappear into the night. But in life, you still have to wait for your Uber driver. You should do it around the corner of another building. What can be more disgusting than standing with the guy that bores you to death at the café and count down the minutes to your long-awaited salvation?

If you follow these instructions, you can be proud of yourself: you are courteous, free, and gorgeous. Try to make all these steps as delicate as possible. Everyone finds it hard to get acquainted, so be polite and do not waste time with someone you do not like. Do what you agreed to do: go out for a date and try not to reproach yourself for wanting to leave. You do not owe anything to anyone, especially to unfamiliar and boring guys!

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