5 Fashion Anti-Trends of Spring 2019

Some trends, such as oversize and indigo denim, have already been popular for several seasons. Other trends, such as the things in lavender shades and asymmetrical collars, are just gaining momentum, but some tendencies are still worth forgetting about. Geniusbeauty.com chose the five most obvious anti-trends of this spring.


We seem to have worn chokers for the last three years. But this trend from the 1990s is finally passing away. Thin ribbons around the neck have long been boring. Their place in our fashionable value system is occupied by massive necklaces, chains with miniature pendants and large earrings. After all, if you wear statement earrings, there can be no necklaces.

The reasons why chokers are leaving the fashion charts are rather prosaic: firstly, they did not tolerate the length of our neck, visually shortening it; secondly, choker collars simply ceased to be combined with the clothes that the designers offered in the new season. Can you imagine a choker accompanied by a band collar or jabot?

Cold shoulder tops

Another anti-trend of spring is a top with open shoulders, which, incidentally, looked great in a combination with chokers. Instead of them, we wear modest things with an American armhole or extravagant ones with an asymmetrical weave of straps around the collarbone. We accentuate the neckline with the help of V-shaped cutouts and emphasize the sharpness of shoulders with retro jackets.


Tight jeans and pants are no longer at the height of popularity. They were replaced by joggers, chinos, pipe and flare pants. This spring, stylists, and designers are categorically against the superslim silhouette! We like that skinnies emphasize the imperfections of the figure too much. Yet, they do not suit everyone. Look for your own style of pants this spring or maybe even discover some new stylish features.

Printed hoodies

All sorts of things that a 16-year-old girl would wear have finally faded into oblivion. Huge hoodies with prints and inscriptions are not an element of style for a self-sufficient adult woman. Yes, they will not be relevant even if you go for a picnic! It is better to choose a monochrome fitting model for active rest and forget about skater’s hoodies forever – or give them to your daughter.


Let’s be honest, the fact that embroidered objects have been included in anti-trends surprised us. However, fashion cannot be argued with, and all shirts, T-shirts, and jackets decorated with embroidered flowers will have to be put on the top shelf of the wardrobe. Perhaps temporarily.

However, we haven’t been deprived of an alternative: embroidered patches and floral prints are still trendy. You will surely find something to replace your old-fashioned clothes.

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