How to Dance Pole Dance for You Man

Striptease is beautiful and sexy, but do only professionals in night clubs can dance it? Why can’t an average woman dance it for her husband or boyfriend, too? It’s of course not the same to dance on the club stage or at home. Besides, not every woman has a model’s body. You feel shy, fear, think about body defects. But every man would like his woman to dance striptease for him, no matter how she looks. Here’s how to dance it so that you look sexy and to surprise him pleasantly.

The Main Thing in Striptease is Your Mood

Even if you learned all the movements by heart and danced them many times, without the appropriate mood you will not succeed in your performance. Set aside all your thoughts like “God, what am I doing?” or “I must look stupid!”. Remember, that you are beautiful and desired for your partner and striptease is the sexiest dance. Planning your performance, chose the movements which would turn yourself on. Then you will be sincere and your mood will pass on to your partner.

Your Image for the Striptease Show

The winning move would be to look new for your partner: choose unusual clothes. For example, if he normally sees you in jeans and t-shirts, wear sexy lacy underwear. It’s natural that your new image should be comfortable for yourself and correspond to the chosen music and movements.

Where to Dance Striptease

Think about where you will dance. You will need enough space, so that you don’t break a vase or a statuette. The best light is soft and intimate, ideally – candles. They not only create a romantic and mysterious atmosphere, they also make your skin look velvety and show off your silhouette.

How to Learn Striptease

Self-confident women could make up their mind to an impromptu, but for those, who will dance striptease for the first time had better plan the dance in advance. If you can, take some lessons with a professional, who would help you to choose the music and plan the dance composition. Watch some films or records to learn striptease from professionals. Dance in front of a mirror. If you are not sure that you dance sexy, record your dance to a camera or you mobile phone and show a close friend you trust. Finally, arrange a dress rehearsal: in the costume and with candles.

The Striptease Show Starts

Starting to dance, don’t be nervous. Keep in mind, that your partner may also be a little anxious, if it’s his first time, as well as yours. In order to relax, you may drink some wine. Overcome your constraint by bringing about some game elements, don’t be too serious. As it is in every game, apply some rules, for example, he may not touch you even in answer to your touches. This would turn you both on more.

The main thing is not to be nervous, even if there has happened something unexpected, like the music has stopped or you can’t unfasten your bra. Behave, as if this was planned, improvise, enjoy your beauty and sensuality, and he will appreciate it.

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