First Date Sex OK for These Women


Women who turned 40 are less inclined to hesitate when the feeling is right. More often than younger women they would end their first date in bed, as can be seen from a survey carried out by Men’s Health.

Two women after 40

1,400 women in their 20s, 30s and 40s were polled, resulting in a large gap between younger and older females. Only 17% of them aged from 20 to 30 are ready to have sex after a first date if they liked the man. With those in their 30s the percentage comes up to 28, still rising to 29% after the lady has reached the age 40.

One of the reasons for that can be a growing enjoyment found in sexual encounters, for while of 20-year-olds 38% admitted to having experienced orgasm during their latest sex, with the 30-year-olds it is 48%. Women of 40 plus, though, show 86% of orgasms.

It looks as if it takes age to derive full pleasure from sex!

Source of the image: Fabulousafter40.