Female Tears and Male Sexual Potency

The team of specialists from the University of Tel Aviv have discovered some interesting facts about human tears. It turns out that there are different kinds of tears, and that the smell of tears affects male potency.

Woman's tears

Firstly, the tears which are caused by external irritators, such as onion juice, differ as to their chemical composition from the tears caused by emotions. Secondly, women’s tears, their smell to be more precise, have a specific effect on men’s erection.

The experts invited forty men and women to participate in the study. First of all, the female participants of the experiment were offered to watch sad and sorrowful stories from well-known motion pictures. In addition, the women were watching special spectacular scenes shot for the experiment. The tears caused by watching the video were gathered in special laboratory flasks.

After that, little tampons soaked with women’s tears were given to the male participants to sniff. At the same time, the men were asked to sniff tampons soaked with water.

Ten men out of twenty-one demonstrated the decrease of erection after inhaling the smell of women’s tears. In addition, the men were shown photos of attractive women. After sniffing the women’s tears, the men said that many ladies in the photos were not attractive.

The results of brain scanning showed that the smell of women’s emotional tears has a depressing effect on the part of the brain which is responsible for sexual desire.

Source of the image: Photl.