Are Both Parents Really Better than One?

Children, who live in an atmosphere of constant conflicts between the parents tend to have sex, take drugs, and have alcohol as minors. Such conclusion was made by researchers from the university of California – Los Angeles after examining life stories of 2000 families.

Happy Family

They followed lives of the children from those families for 30 years (from year 4 to 34). From their observations, the scientist concluded that parents who no longer love each other should not stay together for the “sake of children”. Children from such families often display various psychological disorders and have problematic behavior and relationships with other people.

Professor Kelly Musick, co-author of “Are Both Parents Always Better than One? Parental Conflict and Young Adult Well-Being”, noted that children from conflict families have higher chances of having poor grades or even quitting school. Such children also smoke, drink, and do drugs more often. Moreover, they start their sexual life early, have children outside of marriage, and spit up with their partners more often. Musick also noted that the results of their study prove that children are better off living with one parent in a calm atmosphere, rather than with two but experiencing constant confrontations in the family.

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