19 Important Life Lessons We Haven’t Learned Yet

Today, we’d like to share with you 19 life lessons that we still have not learned, though we should have done it.


1. You need to accept people as they are, or do not accept them at all

It is virtually impossible to change them. Seriously. If you are trying to change them and make them similar to what you would like to see in them – you will need much luck. This idea is doomed to fail.

2. Your definition of happiness is different from that of other people

What works well for you does not have to work for them. You are not the magistrate to judge about the life decisions taken by your friends. It is often said “judge not, that ye be not judged.”

3. You should be able to defend yourself

The world is full of villains that strive to take advantage of you. Nobody can afford to be defenseless. You have to learn to be stubborn and annoying (in moderation, of course) to get what you want.

4. Today you love, and tomorrow – you don’t

People are inconstant beings. We go to bed in love and wake up with a sense of betrayal. Sometimes the breakup can mean nothing to you. And sometimes it is a real tragedy. In any case, it’s a waste of time to feel depressed about your unattractiveness after parting and look for the flaws in yourself. You will have plenty of chances to fall in love! The only obstacle on your way is your own fear of new relationships.

5. You do not have to be close to all the members of your family

If any communication with the family poisons your life, you should be interested in setting some boundaries in this communication as soon as possible.

6. Do not buy clothes of a smaller size

If you buy any item of clothing that is not of the right size, but you want to use it as an incentive to lose weight – you will never wear it.

7. Remorse leads to further bad actions

Constant remorse and guilt about committing evil actions once again proves that you will be doing them again and again.

8. Do not be jealous of others’ success

Stop envying people who are more successful than you in your age. Direct this energy to achieve your own goals.

9. Nurture self-esteem

Self-esteem is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. But it is much harder to find it.

10. You are to be blamed for what happens in your life

If you catch yourself thinking that you constantly lose your job, friends, important relations and communication, perhaps it is time to recognize that the root of the problem is you?

11. You do not owe anything to anyone

If you think otherwise, you will be constantly unhappy and dissatisfied with life.

12. To achieve something in this life, you must work hard and even harder

If you want to know the answer to the question: “Why do I not have what I want,” you should examine your work habits and style of work.

13. Moving to another city does not protect against all evil occurrences

At least in most cases.

14. Sometimes lying is not evil

It is normal to say nonsense from time to time or sometimes lie a little.

15. Nothing ventured, nothing gained

If you realize that you are tired of your job, just quit it. Unleash your inner “I”!

16. Do not drink alcohol on an empty stomach

If you do not want to look extremely silly, of course…

17. There is nothing like getting pleasure from guilt

Without realizing it, many people like torturing themselves and suffering once again. This is unhealthy.

18. Do not be afraid to act

Sometimes it is better to first do something; you will always have time to apologize.

19. We must be able to stop in time

For example, choose the right time to leave the party. Because nothing good usually happens after 4 a.m. Everyone knows the feeling when you want to continue having fun again and again. Be able to quit when at the peak. If you are sluggish, all the fun will go down the drain.

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