15 Things that Enter a Man’s Head When He’s with a Big Girl

Look outside onto the street, and sooner or later you will see a man (with a good waistline or maybe with a belly) trotting along with a girl who is a bit plumper than your average model. If your mind is free from everyday concerns you might start wondering what he feels like or what is going on in his mind. Are they in love? Are they comfortable around each other? Beauty is only skin deep, after all, so they might be beautiful for one another, why not?


The ways of our modern society are such that a guy is supposed to like slimmer women which is regarded as taking good care of themselves and minding their health. Anyway, there always are – and always will be – guys who are into a bigger kind of woman. They don’t mind their being a little overweight – they even appreciate that! It is even more interesting, then, what they think about it. Although each person is understandably different, some of the ideas about it ought to be typical.

What’s more, these days we don’t have our models thin only, there are quite a number of plus-sized models strewn upon the ground, proving us that it takes all sorts to be sexy and appealing. So, no judgment should be forthcoming, and there is appeal in a few extra pound judicially placed, isn’t there? But – once again, what they are thinking, those guys? Here are 15 of various thoughts that enter their heads.

She is tough

Mostly men like it when they feel a tower of strength around their girls, protecting and firewalling them, being ones she will run to when scared. But when you see a guy with a heftier woman he must have very different yens. He likes it when his girlfriend can stand for herself, she is tough and independent, she doesn’t expect to be coddled all the time. Probably she was, or is, sportive and likes to feel strong. So, some guys do get a kick from dating girls whom others would consider to be rather formidable… Good luck to them!

She is some cook

Now, let’s get to the bottom of it: where did the girl get her extra pounds? It should be related to food, whatever way you look at it. Some girls get big due to their predilection for junk food, but there are others whose parents are excellent cooks, and their daughters learned to cook better than your average girl. Naturally, the boyfriend of such a girl is bound to be invited in often to enjoy a wonderful meal. While some like to go out and try a new restaurant, others have no need for exploring – they have it good every time.

She doesn’t count calories

You knock off work and start home feeling like you could eat everything that you see in the window of the nearest pizza eatery; it is so mouthwatering that you go in and get a bigger-sized pizza. But what will your honey pie tell you when you arrive home laden with a pizza? That it’s so fattening you shouldn’t have bought it? Not if your beloved woman is a bit on the heavy side. She will give you supper and then you will share the pizza with no guilty feelings to take the edge of your evening at home.

She boosts his confidence

True, there are men who cannot brace themselves to date the girls they really want. Their confidence fails them when they are about to handle the situation. It can sound a little crass, but there it is, you have to lump it: they want to flirt, but they are afraid to be rejected. They need some practice, and they may get it by asking out a girl who is bigger first. Not such a bad idea, after all is said and done, they may want to stay on in that league if they find they feel good!

She is attractive

With some guys a large girl is always to be preferred to a skinny one. Some go for women who are small and plump, because they look great in their eyes. It occurs more often than other men (and women) might think. So if you see a guy with an overweight woman on his arm, don’t feel sorry for him – he may be genuinely fond of the type. Actually, when you come to think of it, these men could have done a lot worse for themselves, and if affection is there, what else there is to be desired?

She is easy-going

That’s what guys who tend to date plump girls often find out: his girl is easy-going, and you can talk to her about virtually anything without a strain on your nervous system. If you ever hang out with a woman who is uptight and on her defenses, you know what a great advantage it is. So many women are happy to rely on their looks and never try to come across a good conversationalist, nor are they amusing. Now with a bigger chick you are in a different situation: they may talk to take your attention away from what they believe is their flaw. You stand a good chance of your heavyish girl to be fun to talk to, compared advantageously to slimmer girls.

She is not finicky about where to eat

What can become quite a problem for other kinds of relationship causes no stir at all in this one. When your girlfriend keeps counting calories she has stringent ideas about where to have meals and what to order – on the other side, what not to order. It can end in a bout of bickering or in a lecture on healthy eating, neither of which is great fun, after all. But if your date is on the plump side, she is hardly likely to make an issue of where you want to nosh – anything goes, especially where they give you delicious food!

She is so nice to cuddle

Among the pleasures you do not get with a skinny girl is cuddling. Well, you do, to some extent, but that is nothing compared to the cuddling you can enjoy with a girl who’s plumper. With a skinny woman you may as well go and hug your underage cousins, while if your girlfriend is plus-sized, you begin to hug and you don’t want to stop. Also you can be dead sure your big woman enjoys it as much as you do. You can have a lot of exciting cuddling sessions every time there is a couch handy and you take the right approach. If you love cuddling you understand why some girls are fuller than others!

She is more comfy for workouts

A slim girl is likely to go in for workouts on a regular basis – and she may turn out to be better at it than you are. Fine if it suits you, yet there may be drawbacks. Either your slim chick has you tagging along and doing whatever she is doing, falling in with her schedule, or she is often unavailable because she is out in the gym. It would be very different with an overweight date who will join you at your kind of training willingly. Yes, and she will be behind you so you won’t be completely spent after your workout together.

She makes you look all right anyway

With a thinner girl alongside of you you may be in for a lot of caviling about your appearance. She would be getting at you unceasingly about what you are wearing, what food you are ordering, how often you go to the gym (you should do it more!). She is always under pressure for her waistline, and she shares it with you without even stopping to think. Not so with a plumper girlfriend – this kind of date isn’t likely to take you to task just because it’s Sunday and you want to take a more relaxing attitude to life. She is overweight and doesn’t care so much that you must hold yourself firmly in hand. You have more freedom, and that’s something to consider.

She gives you little reason to be jealous

Some guys go easy about their girls getting hit on, but others get insanely jealous – and never stop feeling jealous over their girlfriends. It kind of becomes their lifestyle, to steep in jealousy. You take your hot woman places, and everywhere she is eyed by other guys. Even if you are not so jealous by nature you can go crazy because every other man checks out your girlfriend. Honestly speaking, this consideration is enough for many men to make them date a girl who will hardly involve them in such a situation. When your girlfriend is a little overweight, you won’t have to worry that much over her getting hit on every day.

She is amusing

You may be surprised to learn that many plump girls are really funny and can boast a good sense of humor. We know that they are nice and easy to converse with, but this is a welcome addition to the gift. When a girl is hot she doesn’t think so much that she may be funny as well – actually, she may be afraid that jokes and easy chat may diminish her beauty. A woman who has a few extra pounds doesn’t mind being amusing, what’s more, it is for her a good way to attract attention to herself and keep guys talking to her. So it often happens that talking to a bigger chick you discover that she makes you laugh. Look at female comedians, they are all definitely on a plumper side – which goes to show.

She is willing to please

Here goes one more ungracious truth – a plus-sized woman is far more anxious to please. A lot of women who believe they are beautiful expect men to treat them like goddesses – but if a woman is bigger than average she feels insecure of her ability to keep her guy, so she does everything she can to make them happy. So you find that when you decide where to meet and what to do, she will be likely to give in to your ideas. She believes you have been overlooking her physique and take her for what she really is, and that makes her grateful. So it occurs that a plus-size girlfriend can make you feel like you were in heaven, while other girls will expect you to knuckle down.

She assents to go anywhere

Your girlfriend is overweight? Most often it means that she will agree to follow your lead in whatever you feel like doing. If you say it’s a beach, fine, she will go along and treat you to a massage with lotion. You don’t want to go anywhere but you have things to do in the backyard? She will come and help you with mowing the lawn. This is not the kind of treatment you will get from every girl in town, but a plus-size woman is practically guaranteed to be agreeable on most occasions – and that is a great asset for a relationship.

She agrees when asked out

This is a situation you can’t get round: if you want to have a girlfriend, you have to ask her out first. And this can be a stressful moment for a guy who can be turned down the very next moment. Those who are particularly afraid of that happening to them may want to ask out a woman who is more likely to consent. If one is on the lookout for an easy girl who wouldn’t want to make a guy feel bad, he may turn to a plus-sized girl for dating. Then, having got him a girlfriend, he may discover that he is into plump girls who have lots to offer in terms of relationship.

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