15 Nasty Things a Woman Will Never Tell Her Man about Herself

Everyone has something to hide. A lot of these secrets are personal, but there are quite a few secrets that are gender-related. Men have topics they would rather not discuss in front of women, as well as women have subjects that can make them tetchy when broached. Most of these secrets are concealed not because people purposefully feed their partners lies, but because they feel under pressure from social expectations which are not always fair. Consequently they may be afraid that they won’t be understood properly when touching on certain subjects – so, to avoid any unpleasantness, it seems better to exclude some topics from conversation and conceal certain information.


When you come to the bottom of the situation, you may think it’s a shame things should be so, and happily, the times are changing. While women are finally approaching the same level of control as men, the general image of what a woman should be is also undergoing radical alterations. Socially desirable images of the past are being replaced by a more honest and realistic picture of what a modern woman really is. When the renewed image will have been firmly established in our minds is a different question. Maybe there will come a day when no concealments will be necessary for everyone’s peace of mind, but so far there are at least 15 things that women don’t want men to know.


A woman’s age is always shrouded in mystery, and even if you get her to tell you exactly how old she is, you can never be sure you got the correct information. Society is full of misapprehensions, one of which holds that women are past their prime once they’ve reached 30. Therefore, if your woman is over 30 years old, she may be inclined to distract a few years from her age. On the contrary, young women of about 19-20 can wish to make out they’re a bit older and more mature than they really are. There are men who prefer experienced women and shy away from very young girls, and while the girl is still in her late teens, she may be afraid of losing a part of her attraction by appearing too young. And it’s no secret that young girls go chasing after older men in search of security and stability in their lives instead of hovering from one young man to another.


Another society pressure point that weighs heavy on women’s minds is a perfect body (or whatever is currently regarded as a perfect body). So, the desire to look impeccable leads women to embracing questionable diets, go in for strange dietary supplements, and, even more drastically, develop eating disorders. Women are more likely than men to go great lengths in an attempt to achieve physical perfection. Considering this, if a woman feels that she has a few excessive pounds, she will surely want to lie about her weight. It is often a senseless expedient since her size is there for all to see, but it can make her feel a little more comfortably at a given moment.



Since a good appetite is conducive to gaining weight and enlarging the waistline, women are sorely tempted to play it down as well. If a man eats heartily, it looks all right, but a woman glutton is regarded to be a different proposition. She is assumed to be a dainty eater. So when both of you walk into a restaurant she will order a small portion of a salad only though she may be dying for a juicy steak! She does it not in order to fool you about herself, but to appear a graceful companion. The next time she does that you can order more than you want and suggest she share with you because you’ve had your fill. She wouldn’t want to waste your money and feel compelled to accept.

Being envious

Envy and jealousy are often lurking near the surface, and when they come out in the open, the desire to conceal or disguise these outbursts is very strong. No matter how natural these emotions are, they are hardly acceptable socially, and a woman won’t want to cut an unattractive picture. You won’t catch them admitting freely they are envious of some other woman; they would sooner pull some wool over your eyes and feign irritation at something else. Anyway, it’s a good sign, because this feeling of insecurity implies that they are afraid lest their man would compare them to another woman unfavorably. Still, it’s not all women who fall prey to such ignominious temptations.

What they do when on their own

Your woman is left alone at home; what is she going to do? You won’t know, and, take it, you don’t want to know. Not because it is something so shameful that it doesn’t bear speaking of; on the contrary, left on her own devices, a woman will slide into doing something innocent or even silly. Her pastimes can include dancing around and singing in her underclothes, getting busy exfoliating the skin or treating her toes in front of the TV when an exciting show is on. When you’re all alone relaxing it may look weird from the outside; men are so highly esteemed in the society that they are rarely prompted to conceal their quirky side, but with women it’s different: they won’t want to look less than dignified.

Career making


If your woman has career goals set for herself, she may have a number of reasons to keep her plans and aspirations secret. Although our society has traveled a long way, there still are careers that are looked upon as masculine and therefore not quite suitable for a woman. When she knows that her man holds traditional views on the matter, she might not mention any career aspirations at all; anyway, she will feel inclined to be elusive about them. She is aware that she is expected to be a caregiver, be busy nurturing the family, and if her man wants her to keep the house, she will know it. Why, then, discuss her job prospects with her partner? Especially it goes for walks of life that involve being sexy, attractive and coming in touch with a lot of people: modeling, dancing, massaging. Unless she feels confident, she won’t go sharing details of her work and career possibilities she may be facing. Studies reveal that women, being aware that the society expects them to give up their careers if they clash with their family life, are inclined to go along with the expectation.

Hidden traits

There’s no getting around it: people do have a dark side to them. We are often inveigled to become abusive, aggressive, controlling, jeering, or display other socially unwelcome behaviors. Any woman is apt to try and suppress these urges while it can be done. We all know that men have opinions on everything under the sun, and, no matter how valid they are, women’s first and foremost wish would be to outwardly go along with their ideas though they may feel different inwardly. They see no reason in turning men off because of this. Yet if it is done on a regular basis the relationship can become stifling as the woman habitually keeps her seething emotions in check. Anyway, it can’t go on like this forever, there will be signs of a breakout coming, and sooner or later it is bound to end in a rowdy showdown.

Not caring about what you are interested in

Trying to put themselves across as perfect as can be, most women are ready to feign interest in whatever their men fancy – watch the kind of movies he likes, accompany him to events and discuss his interests at length notwithstanding the fact that she actually finds these things boring, vapid and incomprehensible. They do it driven by the belief that sharing interests is an important part in a relationship. It is quite right to some extent, but what if the man discovers after years and years that she had been faking leading him on to believe she was enthusiastic? That could work the other way round and mar the relationship.

PMS symptoms


There comes a time when a woman gets assaulted by physical problems connected with PMS – sudden mood changes, stomachache, bloating, onsets of nausea. While she may be open about it with a long-term partner, on the whole she will try to suppress the symptoms as much as possible keeping in mind that they are strictly women’s issues and better be kept in the dark. Many people still deem PMS and MPS-caused conditions to be rather gross. This makes concealment a kind of a natural choice for a woman, and chances are she will carry on as well as she can with bouts of stomach problems and nausea. Hopefully she can control her moods just as well.

Non-maternal attitude

Women being the only vessel for the humankind to beget children, it’s no surprise that the society has been, and is, regarding them as maternal and nurturing figures. Yet there are women who don’t look upon themselves as chiefly mothers and want to be known, respected and even loved for something else rather than giving birth to babies. But they are not ready to air their views in public for fear of being rejected. Addressing this issue is a personal thing between her and her partner, and while the prospect of having children can easily become a grave family issue, we mustn’t presume that women are there for bearing children solely. Why can’t they be what they would rather be? No earthly reason why they shouldn’t.

Things that put them off

Here’s one more point where men and women are sometimes poles apart. As a rule men are apt to speak openly about things that turn them off, but women are usually reticent on the topic. Of course tradition puts men in a stronger position in terms of relationships. They set patterns which women are expected to follow and emulate. Roughly speaking, men are allowed quite a lot of freedom and expect their misbehaviors to be winked at by women who want to maintain a stable relationship. Nevertheless, this leniency may wear off, especially when the woman grows sure of the strength of your union.

Making her face


Whatever she may tell you, the woman turns up fully prepared for the action! Her appearance is the last thing a woman is casual about. She has a beauty regimen that surpasses all male understanding, and she is not willing to let you in on that. Unless she’s grown accustomed to having you around and trusts you implicitly, she won’t want you to be privy to her makeup sessions. Nor will they discuss it in your presence. They think it may disimprove the perfect image they tried their best to create. Creating it was a hard job to do, and the realization of it can work as a turn-off. On the other hand, it can not, but why run risks?

Your sexual prowess

If the truth is to be told, your woman might be totally dissatisfied with how you acquit yourself between the sheets. It may have to do with how long your relationship has lasted, or how well (or badly) you have gotten along; in the worst case she might have stopped being excited by you a while ago. Once again, old societal beliefs are at work here, namely, that sexual intercourse is assumed to give pleasure to men. Another factor is that women generally require some mental stimulation before they can be satisfied physically. This is the reason behind women’s seemingly prudish attitude in sex-related situations, unwillingness to manifest their desires – or their absence. It emerges from studies that about 30% of women fail to achieve orgasm in bed. And when it is a question of preserving a long-term relationship which has been sexually unsatisfying for years on end, there are women who would sooner put up with the status quo than go looking for sensual fulfillment.

Expressing their lascivious side

With men seldom hesitating to proclaim that the woman gets them aroused, it seems rather strange that women find it hard to be equally upfront. Of course their aims are as often as not very different: men go looking for women who can fulfill their carnal desires, but women can place stability and security over their need for physical satisfaction. Men are ready to share their fantasies and suggest new ways of pleasuring for both of you, but women are often tempted to go along with their men and forgo their own predilections. For them it’s a hard choice of trying to move between being a lady and a sensual tigress.

Their sex life before you


If you press your woman about her history of relationships before you, you run a great risk of being lied to. The number of liaisons you may hear about will not be correct – she will tell you about fewer lovers than she actually had, and avoid the questions about what she did in bed as much as possible. She labors under pressure that requires her to seem innocent for the longest period of time conceivable. You may get to hear about her serious commitments (with one night stands or short-time relationships left out of the picture); she may even insist that sex didn’t mean that much to her before you – in one way or another she won’t want to have you put out or saddened. The best bet for her is to tone down her sexual past.

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